Hikaru rolled over, staring at the clock. 2:46 AM. The neon green digital numbers illuminating his face. 'It's been over a year now since Kaoru and I started this kind of relationship...' He shifted his eyes away and out into the darkness of their room.
"Hikaru..." His twin moaned, resting his head on Hikaru's shoulder. "You're not sleeping." He whispered, running a hand up through his brother's spiky auburn hair.
Hikaru rolled back over towards him, placing his hand on Kaoru's cheek. "I can't."
Kaou stared at him blankly for a moment before closing his eyes slowly. "What's wrong?" He asked, still half asleep.
Hikaru shrugged, letting his hand slide off Kaoru and back onto the bed. He rolled over on his back, staring up at the ceiling. "It's been over a year now."

Kaoru nodded slowly, his eyes still shut.
"I wanna take you somewhere." Hikaru stated, his golden eyes shifting away and back towards his younger twin.
"Right now?" Kaoru opened his eyes, giving him a confused look.
Hikaru snickered, seeing his expression. "No, not right now... Unless you wanted to." Hikaru sat up, the sheets slipping off his torso and down into his lap. He placed his finger to his lip inquisitively. "But I meant, like... Celebrate... You know..."
Kaoru sat up next to him, leaning against Hikaru's shoulder. Their bare pale skin illuminated by the moonlight.
"Mmm... Like a date?"
"Exactly~" Hikaru grinned, wrapping his arm around Kaoru's side, pulling him closer.
"I want it to be really special..." Hikaru trailed off, his mind going to work at coming up with ideas.
Hikaru glanced back down at Kaoru, who was falling back to sleep on his shoulder. The twin half smiled. "Kaoru... Lay back down if you're that tired."

Kaoru layed back down and rolled over, facing the wall. "Hi... karu..." He whispered.
Hikaru layed back down next to him, wrapping his arms around his middle, pulling his twin against his chest. He breathed softly on the back of Kaoru's neck. "Comfy?"
"Mhmm..." Kaoru purred, already falling back to sleep.
"Sleep well." Hikaru whispered, kissing the side of his neck.
Kaoru had already drifted off, Hikaru following suit after a few minutes.