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Computer hardware is a physical component of the computer. There can be an internally as well as externally attached hardware device. Internal computer hardware refers to computer parts, while external hardware devices are called computer peripherals. Here are the resources explaining types of computer hardware and the latest technology in this area.

A Guide for Buying a Used Mac Keyboard and Mouse

Used Mac keyboards and mice usually sell at a bargain price. This Buzzle article gives you a few pointers to consider while you go shopping for used a mac keyboard and mouse.

What You Need to Know about AMD Mantle

At the GPU 14, AMD and DICE introduced Radeon R9 series graphics cards that are powered by AMD's low-level application programming interface (API), Mantle. Read on to know more about this API that works with Graphics Core Next...

How to Choose a Good CPU Fan

Does your CPU heat up too quickly? Well, then you probably need to get a new CPU fan. This Buzzle article tells you how to choose the right one.


Earlier, it was a technological battle between IDE and SCSI. These days, it's a three-way battle between SCSI vs SATA vs IDE. This article will highlight the current trends in this tussle for supremacy.

Computer Output Devices

In the world of computers, input/output (I/O) refers to communication between the computer and the user. There are a variety of possibilities to become able to contemplate when buying a laptop computer. Therefore, we have provided good info to suit your needs to make the purchase easier.Output devices are computer hardware equipment, that are used to communicate the results of data processing carried out by the...

Best Computer Cases 2012

Looking out for this year's best computer case? It is clearly a tough choice. Desktops are not so popular these days, but for people who own them, they need a durable and branded computer case to protect some of its components....

PCI Express Compatibility

When you talk about the PCIe, the foremost thing that comes to our mind is efficiency. What else can you call a protocol that speeds up your computer and enhances the quality of graphics? Let's dig deeper ...

TV Tuner Card for PC

A TV tuner card is used to transform your PC into a television set. Nowadays, many types of TV tuner cards are available in the market.

Instructions to Install a Liquid Cooling System

Using a liquid coolant for a PC seems such a divine proposition, considering. Choosing a processor for your computer is a critical initial step. Note that a fourth Generation Intel Core i3-4010U Processor based on the latest circutry provides for a fast and fluid user experience.the long list of advantages attached to it. Precarious as it may seem, but has a true geek ever evaded a challenge? Have any doubts? Dispel them right here.

Computer Parts List

This is one important thing that every computer user should be aware of. Whether you need to acer laptop review upgrade your computer or be aware of the problems associated with it, you need to at least know the computer parts list. This article has...

Best Computer Processor

Which is the best computer chip available on the market today? Read to find out...

How to Easily Update your Computer's BIOS

BIOS controls the hardware of the computer such as disk drives, keyboard, mouse, display settings, pen drive etc., that are attached to it, and sends the information to the Operating System (OS) of a computer.

Tips for Buying a Webcam

Whether you are an online chat or messaging addict or communicating long-distance with your loved ones, a web camera is a pretty nifty gadget, which allows for video capture to be transmitted over the Internet. Scroll below to...

How to Access Your Computer's BIOS Setup

The operating system is often regarded as the most important built-in program present on a computer during its manufacturing process. But in reality, there is one program that is pre-loaded on the machine, during its manufacturing...

Types of Network Hardware

There are different components and hardware devices that participate and create a computer network. Each one has a key role to play and functions on a different layer of the OSI model. Scroll below for a list of the various types...

Hardware components of a computer system

This article focuses on the different hardware components of a computer system, which are generally used for a desktop computer.

Advances in Computer Cases are for More Than Just Looks

Many computer case manufacturers make boxes that look good, but some recent developments include cases that are both very attractive and highly functional.

AMD Phenom II Vs. Intel i7

The competition is fierce between, AMD Phenom II vs. Intel i7, the two latest processors in the market today. Let us know more about them in the article below.

AMD Vs Intel

The computer processor market is the battleground for a raging battle between AMD and Intel, two of the biggest names in this particular market segment. Read on, to learn more about the difference between AMD and Intel philosophy.

Core i5 Vs Core i7

Intel core i5 and Intel core i7 are two new processor lines recently introduced by the premier chip making company. The core i5 vs core i7 comparison presented in this article is aimed at elucidating the differences between these...

Computer Input Devices

With advancement in technology, there are many input devices that help one feed data into a modern computer. The following article will cover some information related to the same.

Computer Parts Information

The computer parts information provided in this article is meant to help you out in deciding the right components that you need to choose for your computer.

Computer Hardware Troubleshooting

Here, in this article, we will deal with the basic computer hardware troubleshooting steps. We won't deal with the problems in the different hardware devices, but rather take up a problem, its probable cause, diagnosis, followed by...

Computer Hardware Basics

In the age of the Internet, you cannot afford to be lagging behind. This article explains certain computer hardware basics in a very easy-to-understand manner.

Computer Software and Hardware Installation

This is the era of computers and we see immense progress in this field everyday. To know how to install computer software and hardware, read on...

Computer Hardware Repair and 2d11dx review Maintenance

Numerous and varied technical failures can occur in a computer. Any error can be eliminated with careful and systematic repair. Here are a few computer hardware maintenance tips.

Types of Computer Hardware

A computer needs both hardware and software in order to work. Every computer has different hardware specifications, but there are some basic components that are common to all of them. Read on to know more...

Hardware Repair: Computer Hardware Troubleshooting Tips and Tools

It's certainly frustrating when are you in the middle of some work on your computer, and experience some hardware problems. In such cases, you may want to follow some hardware repair tips. Read on to know more on computer hardware...

Careers in Computer Hardware Engineering

Computer hardware engineering is one of the highest-paid jobs in the information technology sector. Let's know more on this career and the jobs associated with it...

Upgrading Computer Hardware - How to Upgrade Graphics Card

The graphics card is a must for computer games. As rapid advancement is seen in computer and related technologies, upgrading computer hardware is essential to gain maximum benefit from the latest technology.

What is a Motherboard

Without a motherboard, we wouldn't be able to play games, watch movies, listen to music, and do any kind of work on our computer. This article explains more about this crucial part of a computer.

What are Computer Chips Made Of?

Have you tried opening up your computer CPU to see what the computer chip is made of? Don't worry if you haven't, because here is your answer.

Examples of Computer Hardware

What is computer hardware? What are the different kinds of computer hardware? For the examples of computer hardware and peripheral devices, read on...

Uninterruptible Power Supply

In our present age, which is dominated by electronics and computers, the UPS comes across as a must have appliance. The following article gives you basic information regarding this appliance, including its types and its function.

I/O Devices

The restless improvement brought by technology forces us into learning the meaning of the new things we use every day of the I/O devices. What are those? Let's see!

The Day of the Smelly Computer has Arrived!

Now, in addition to sights and sounds, your computer can produce smells. A computer peripheral is now available that generates smells for a more immersive multimedia experience, with applications in entertainment and education.

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