it says that Bannette is a doll that became a Pokemon over its grudge from being junked. its seeking the child who disown it. why Phantump is said according to a legend that its is a stump who came to life by being possessed by the the spirit of a young child who was lost in the woods and sat on the stump while it was lost and looking for its doll. Cubone is said to be a Pokemon who hides its face behind its dead mothers skull and cries on the night of a full moon for its mother. bannette knows how it fells to be left a long and it doesn't like to see anyone who is upset but due to other Pokemon shunning it it picked up the habit of scaring people or playing tricks on people. Phantump is a Pokemon who goes around stealing the dolls of little children and cubone is a Pokemon who is seeking its dead mother. what if phantump was a young childe that came a crossed the frighten baby cubone on a fullmoon and they left to find cubone's mother and along the way the young girl that was traveling with the baby cubone dropped its doll and notices it was gone after taking cubone to meet Mr Fuji in lavender town and went back to find its lost doll at night but instead got lost in the maze like ilex forest while looking for her doll and never found her way out. so she waited on a stump for someone to find her which they never did and she died of starvation thus her dead spirit fussed with the stump she sat on making her a phantump. which may explain why most phantump are female. the lost doll of phatump then grows a grudge and hate toward being lost and shun by people who walk by it turning it into a banette. WHAT IF BANETTE ONE DAY MEET A PHANTUMP AND IT TURNS OUT PHANTUMP WAS ACTUALLY THE HUMAN GIRL WHO LOST IT FOR HELPING A CUBONE ON THE NIGHT OF A FULL MOON WHICH MAY EXPLAIN WHY THESE THREE POKEMON CAN ALL BE FOUND IN THE SAME AREA ON POKEMON X AND POKEMON Y.