I've had this theory for a while and last night a friend reminded me about it when the topic of time travel came up. We measure time through the rotations of the Earth's axis around the Sun; once a year, 365 times which birthed months and hours and, hence, seconds. It makes me think about how long it takes other planets to rotate around the Sun and how their comprehension of time differentiates with Earth. Because of this, I theorized that time was something our minds invented as an attempt to apprehend the intricacy of the Universe. Have you ever noticed the interconnection with the environment and what is presumably time? Have you ever noticed that the average heartbeat of a person is 60 beats per minute (which is where seconds derived from according to a few theories)? What if, instead of comprehending time as a measurement, we replace it with terms of energy? Like how a clock's hands repeat twice a day (hence kinetic energy) on a potential energy surface (the fact that it will always repeat twice a day, like a constant in a science project)... What if in our state of kinetic energy (time moving forward) on Earth was on a potential energy plane? Time seems to move forward buh we haven't been able to go back. But in order to measure kinetic energy, we tend to imply our comprehension of time and energy into one unit. I don't know, i guess this is just another palaver tangent.