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the Dream realm of dark vs light . this will be the plays i write down story's about what ever i come up with feel like or dream .

Alduin Fury
Community Member

hidden from sight

Night had fallen over the world. all was silent at the border of the mountains of hellhaim while the stars sparkled in the sky next to there big sisters moon's. both were full tonight. but all was not calm, Dargor was not calm he woke up and looks around disoriented worried.he knew something was wrong, he had seen the forces of evil grow stronger again. he knew a storm was coming, but when it would break out he did not know. one thing was sure he did not want any part of it. he rubs his head the nordic warrior had came to him in his dream again, but he did not understand what the lost hero had wanted from him. he got up and walked deeper into the mountain cave to a clearing inside the mountain were one of the moon's shines her blue light onto a bed of grass with flowers. there was a tombstone on it, dargor kneels down by it and watched it in silence. "i know you try to tell me something, but i can not figure out what that is ". he shock his head. " im Sorry that a could not safe you friend. Dargor looked tormented. "it shut have been the other way around". he looks to the tombstone again. "i know you .... asked me to live to help the world in your place ..... ."he shock his head again. " a hard promise to keep friend". he looks to the distance to the wall of the cave carved with symbol's of magic. they told the tale of the great nordic warrior who gave his life to safe the world. dargor knew the story well for it was a memory in his mind that would never go away.

it still felt like yesterday when he watched the warriors who had failed in there quest and were now captured by the dark king Arnak. who tortured and tormented them. he wanted to hear them beg for there lives. dargor shiver a little he knew how cold, harsh and cruel the dark king was. the dark king was boasting to them holding that magical sword that ones had been wielded by the hero. for the nordic warrior had been the chosen one to find it. but clearly not the one to wield it for he had lost it the the dark king while trying to defend his friend and comrades.but in doing so he and his friends were able to get away to fight another day. but now that sword was in the hand of the most darkest person, to wield it as he sow fit. the dark king he could rip open the heaven with it. and surly would have done so, if it wasn't for dargor. dargor nodded no. no it was thanks to the nordic warrior who had shown him compassion. and what had he done he had lashed back out to the hero, for he had believed the lies his adopted father had told him. that it had been the hero who was responsible for his real parents dead. dargor did not understand back then why the hero would spare his life, when the hero was the reason for the dead of dargors family. all dargor could think of that it was a trick a list. so when the hero held his hand out to him he tock it but only to strike him down by magic. but it was those tormented eyes of the hero that kept burning in dargor soul. dargor could see in those eyes the question why. it made dargor unsure, but before he could think about it his king had commanded him to bring the hero to him so his generals could bind him in chains.the king wanted to break the hero's spirit and after days of torment it looked like the hero was getting close to the breaking point.

dargor hated the way of his king, there was noting honourable if it came to torment and torture.

and dargor realised he to had not been honourable if it came to the nordic warrior. those eyes, the why the hero had acted towards him. it was odd and unknown to him it kept nagging at him, it tormented him so that he disobeyed an order. he went to talk with the hero he wanted to know why he had spared him but not his family. of course yet again he did not truly believe the hero. still he felt that it was wrong for the hero to be locked up. but there was noting he could do or so he touch.

"why did you not kill me, if you had done that you would still be alive " he shouted angry to the tombstone. then he blinked one of his warning spells when of telling him that strangers were in the surrounding. "ill come back to talk soon " he the left the opening and head to were he could sense one of his spells had been broken. the terrain was rough and rocky but it did not bother dargor, after all he was raised in a much harsher environment then this. he soon stumbled on the stranger's. they were on foot leading there horses behind them. wile a wood elf was looking for tracks. he looked to the others 1 humans a man and then there was a wizard. he could tell by the clothing the man wears although he would have choice for black and not somting like bright purple. and there also were 2 she elf's. "what are they doing here " he narrows his eyes. he sneaked closer and was irritated his hair had grown to long and it was getting in the way a bit. he narrows his eyes even more when he heard the female elf women speak.

"can't we just go back and tell them we were not able to find, that cruel vile vicious demon. i know they call him the dark prince but there noting princely about him. " she said like she was bored.

"we have our orders amiliana stop complaining i don't like the demon either " grim said.

valek watch them " are you even sure he is a demon? history lesson's were not clear on that "

"what else would he be but not a demon he was born there " amiliana said.

"hmmm maybe but history is not sure about that either. all we know is that Raxtan the grand warlock of the dark king has raised him. "

"ow shut up know it all, i get your point " amiliana was irritated she had not wanted to come but the council had chosen it for her as her test of joining.she was the youngest princess of the waterfall elf's and sister to elvirani. the reason she join the council was that she wanted responsibility.

so they were looking for him, and clearly the council were behind that he could tell by amiliana's clothing style the white dress with the moon belt and the phoenix were a dead give away. he did not want them here, nor did he want to go with them. he sneaked down and listen more to them arguing. he steps out into the light behind them. they had no clue that dargor was so close. the horses were the first to notice him for the wind came from behind dargor. he watched the horses get edgy except for the big Nordic horse. they were war horses after all and hard to spook or to stupid. so he spoke " i don't care what the council wants my answer is no"

the group stopped in there tracks startled that some one had been able to sneak up to them. when they turned around they could see a man with long dusty black hair a dirty face with a 3day old stubble beard. and dusty dirty clothing that clearly had seen better times. there were cut's on his coat and dried up blood. and it used to be black but had more of a grey colour now. still he had bright green eyes and that was a good sine . it meant dargor was still sane and not crazy evil or somting. not that his evil side was crazy just more sneaky cleaver and deadly. but clearly they could see that dargor did not look like an ugly demon. more like a dirty human or elf. well he did have pointy ears but his body was build more like a human strong; wile an elf was more slender and graceful.

dargor kept his gaze at them and when valek wanted to speak he stopped him. "do not beg do not plead. go home, my answer is no. " he turns his back to them and started to leave. he would return back to were he lived if it was not for elvirani who road her white horse up and infront dargor.

"Dargor prince of the dark lands please listen to use, cant you just do that ?"

dargor looks to her" Prince..... that is a title your people gave me when they feared me. be ware of the dark prince for he shall show no pity and kill you when you least expect or somting like that. guess its a nice title to use in songs, and the answer is still no."

"you ow it to him, to listen remember " elvirani tried to convince dragor with the one weakness he had the past.

"i guess i did make promises" he said sound still like he did not wish to help.

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