The market alternation in developed regions towards an elderly population along with the increasing prevalence of chronic disorders lead to rising costs in the healthcare sector [2]. Chronic disorders like COPD, cardiological pathologies or diabetes cause direct costs and also a high level of indirect costs [3,4]. A major reason for these illnesses is the individuals' lifestyle. Low individual fitness and a low level of activity paired with mostly unhealthy nutrition are the main reasons for life style caused disorders [5]. One strategy to face these challenges could possibly be the reinforcement of secondary and primary prevention and the empowerment of the people to take responsibility for their own well-being. By providing mHealth solutions for remote monitoring of health & fitness data and integration of social networks. Read reviews, find consumer ratings, discover screenshots, as well as learn a little more about Hudl on the App Store. Download Hudl along with enjoy it on your iPhone Your newest coming from Hudl (@Hudl). Traveling To 18 cities throughout 6 weeks to chat about Playbook, Campaigns, Tag any Game, our mobile app and also more!. Regsiter with regard to totally free a new Hudl assists teams earn along with video. Our Android app permits one to study the particular video you've previously uploaded, or even capture new video making use regarding your device.for assistance and motivation, this could be achieved by increasing the persons' self-awareness.

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This work is part of the Healthy Interoperability research project. Since 2009 a profound knowledge base in the field of telemetry of individual health data has been gained by developing several applications for secure and standardized transport of vital parameters [6]. One major achievement was the implementation of the Continua Health Alliance Design Guidelines [7] which describe a set of internationally established standards and frameworks for mHealth. Since joining the Continua Health Alliance in 2009 the group contributed to the progress of this community. The refinements and improvements for chosen standards and frameworks have been observed and implemented.

This paper reports the development of an Accessories for hudl app compliant to the Continua Design Guidelines and addresses the challenges that vendors face during implementation.

2 Methods

Security of interoperability, usability and investments can be ensured using international standards for data communication [8]. The Continua Health Alliance uses the ISO/IEEE 11073-20601 standard [9] as the exchange protocol for communicating data in Personal Area Networks (PANs) and Local Area Networks (LANs). This standard defines generic data structures for individual health data, common services available during communication and an optimized transfer protocol and syntax for the exchange of data and control messages. Semantic interoperability is gained through the usage of the ISO/IEEE 11073-10101 nomenclature standard and by the introduction of "Device Specializations" defining a set of basic data and capabilities definitions for each device class, e.g. the device class specific standard configuration.

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Integrating the Healthcare Enterprises (IHE) technical frameworks (TF) [11,12] are referenced by the Continua Health Alliance Design Guidelines for transmitting data further over Wide Area Networks (WANs) as well as to Health Reporting Networks (HRNs) for storage in form of CDA documents. For point-to-point communication between the application hosting device (AHD, e.g. smartphone) and a WAN-Device, the IHE DEC (Device Enterprise Communication) profile defined in the IHE PCD (Patient Care Device) technical framework serves as a basis for the Continua Health Alliance Design Guidelines. You'll get several good Company Ltd. [18], the weighting scale UC-321PBT-C, A&D Company Ltd. [19], and the finger pulse oximeter PureSAT 9560BT, Nonin Medical Inc.[18].

The SAML libraries could not be ported from JSE/J2EE to the Hudl Accessories platform without modifying the operating system. Therefore, a SAML Web service client including appropriate SAML-processing were implemented within the Android app. The SAML-Assertions were claimed from an appropriate Secure Token Service and added into the SOAP-Header of the PCD-01 SOAP request.

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