My Bio Story Update

Hi, everyone!

I hope you're enjoying the series so far. I sincerely apologize for the long delays for the recent chapters. Everything has gotten quite busy for me. I started the My Bio Story, featuring my Gaia avatar, when I was young and had a lot of free time. But due to work getting in the way, a hard demotion I had to face recently due to a problem at work, and my girlfriend who gets on at least once a week due to her school, I just haven't found the time to work on this amazing project. I have been keeping up with the Naruto manga and am fully up to date with everything so I will most likely continue the series after the third war ends so I have a lot of planning to do on how I can tie my story with the creator's of Naruto.

Again, I do apologize and I feel so far behind with the series that even I want to know how my story will end. But we shall see in the nearest future. Thank you for supporting the series!