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Obscure Productions
Creepy stories, poems, and little projects of a socially introverted insomniac
I think he likes you (Ticci x Rain) - Chapter 01
I think he likes you (Ticci Rain) - Chapter 01

It started with a social gathering; some party, whatever, not like it really mattered considering to him it had sucked anyhow. Just a bunch of high school kids trying to act like adults and getting wasted, doing stupid things that they were probably going to regret later on in life. But that didn’t matter; in fact, he was almost too annoyed to think about it …well….except for one thing… A bunch of girls were going on and on about which guys they thought were attractive, cute, or downright hot. Toby Rogers hadn’t talked much because he was surprised to find that he had even Been invited at all, if it had been the guys living with Slenderman inviting him, he could understand that. They all had a ….civil relationship amongst one another, and had grown rather used to one another as well. Who would’ve thought that Toby and the others would get along so well? Well, apparently “The Producer” had since it Was technically his idea. Toby began to notice that the girls didn’t seem to be mentioning him as attractive, and felt a little put off by it. The group of guys he came across was even worse. Most of them practically molesting the gossiping girls with their eyes; joking around about which girls they’d likely bang given the chance.

Toby frowned at this, was nobody noticing him? He made his way towards the outside area, and stared out at the woods frowning “man this p, party’s lame, wha, why the hell did they even in, v, vite me at all? N, nobody’s noticing me a, anyway” he told himself annoyed, as his neck gave off a noticeable twitch. He found a nice spot on the outside patio and sat down, allowing his legs to dangle off the small ledge leisurely. He sighed taking in the relaxing calm of the forest line not all much farther away. He guessed he’d simply hang out here for some fresh air for a little while, before saying screw the party, and go see what his pals Masky and Hoodie were up to; since hanging with them always seemed to cheer him up. But unfortunately for the young brunette, his moment of peace was soon disrupted, when a drunk teen managed to spot him looking miserably out towards the woods; and like the drunken idiot they were decided, hey let’s go talk to the guy, even though he looks like he just wants to be left alone. Yeah that’s great idea….gotta love the beauty of sarcasm. “Hey man, what’s up with the long face there buddy?” a drunken teen spoke.

Toby sighed “I’m attractive a, aren’t I?” he managed “y, you’re kidding right?” the drunk boy asked “not really n, no” Toby replied arching a brow. “Hey, why do you talk all weird like that?” the boy asked. Toby merely rolled his eyes in annoyance. “It’s genetic?” he spoke growing rather annoyed now as he absently reached for his hatchet, and mentally cursed upon realizing that he left it back at Slendy’s house. “Oh well, that’s weird, anyhoo, I aint into dudes soo” the guy began ‘oh my God, this guy’s a f*cking moron’ Toby Rogers thought to himself getting rather annoyed with all this, wanting this drunken idiot as far from him as possible. “Seriously? Heh heh don’t fla, flatter yourself, that wasn’t what I a, asking you” Toby spoke “well whatever, you’re weird, and besides, you only got invited because the girl throwing the party, probably felt sorry for you or something” the drunk guy spoke. Toby was getting rather irritated now, he wanted to tell this guy to simply shut the hell up and go take a nice Lonnnggg walk through the woods…but without his beloved hatchet at his side, that suggestion seemed rather useless. “Well gee, tha, thanks that makes me feel just soooo much b, better” he gloated sarcastically flinging his arms up before letting them flop back down.

“Dude the f*ck’s your problem anyway? Why’re you such an ass?” the drunk teen blurted out. Toby twitched a little more noticeably now as he got up, his posture slowly becoming a tad rigid. “I’m the ass?” he asked his voice nearly shaking in an almost deranged manner. “Yeah, I’m trying be nice to you dude, and you’re just being a total dick about it” the guy spoke “uh n, no’ you aren’t, I h, have a speech imp, pediment you f*cking d, dickwad, and I’m f, feeling a little rejected right now as it is, s, so if it’s alright with you…heh heh, why don’t you just ,do y, yourself a favor and just, l, leave me the f*ck alone okay?” Toby spoke twitching occasionally as he did, he felt like he was back to the days where he was first given a certain little nickname, a name he once carried in shame, but now seemed to call himself with pride.

“Damn man, that’s harsh bro why you gotta be like that?” the guy spoke seeming to clearly not get it. “Well, gee I dunno” he began placing a hand over his own chest “I was in, v, vited to some p, party where I was ignored by nearly e, everyone, and when I decide to get some fresh a, air, you come over and start making f, fun of me, what the f, f*ck do you expect? You th, think I Enjoy people picking on me because of the way t, talk? Heh heh…go screw y, yourself” Toby replied a twinge of anger seeming to edge into his tone at almost random. “hey you tried to come onto me bro, I was just telling you I aint gay and that you’re weird for asking, maybe if you try going for girls you wouldn’t have to feel soo left out” The drunk guy protested. “H, how thick are you? I al, r, ready told you I wasn’t c, coming on to you, I was just asking a s, simple question” Toby fumed running a hand over his face. “Well no sh*t, why would anyone like some weird little freak like you?” the guy asked “well sorrryy for fu, f*cking asking, I just thought maybe one of the girls m, might’ve found me attractive, and I was just c, curious was all geez” Toby protested. “Man are you always like this?” the guy complained “only around douche bags like y, you” he spoke twitching when he stuttered. It wasn’t his fault he was born with tourrets syndrome he just was, yet for some reason, people seemed to have such a problem with it. “Would you give it a rest? Nobody likes you” the drunk boy nearly snapped.

Toby trembled in a sense of irritation and rage, but without his hatchet, he was limited on ways to deal with this idiot. Save from choking him, but he didn’t want to affirm the guys point, nor did he want to actually….touch him, just the thought of touching “stupid” grossed him out. So this left only one thing he figured that was worth doing to resolve this. He chuckled and shook his head, walking over to the railing and hopped down. “Yeah well, go f*ck yourself, I’m outta here” he spoke “h, hey, where you going you f*cker?” the guy called out towards him. “Away from you…Obviously” he managed before muttering “dumb ass” under his breath, casually pulling his hood back on, before he then slipped off into the woods and out of view to the other teen. The drunken boy was about to follow him, but it was the woods, and at night…… he probably figured Toby would get himself killed in there or something. The fool, there was no safer place for Toby Rogers then being in the woods, especially These woods. The producer had dedicated the entire forested area around Nightshade’s Hollow to the Slendermen naming it Slender Woods; a name that was certainly appropriate. Though there were a certain couple houses safely cradled within them, and the inhabitants made sure to be on good terms with one another for the most part.

He heard the click of a shotgun and blinked raising his hands up. “Oh heh heh he, hey there Knoll” he spoke. The man with the rifle seemed to flinch, probably recognizing Toby’s voice. “Toby, that you boy? Well sh*t, it’s a damn good thing you said somethin, thought you was one of them annoyin kids” he heard the strong southern male voice reply, as he could feel the weapon leave the back of his head and turned around. The man before him was about a good 6’ 3’’. He had a strong, stern face, his eyes were dark as coals and piercing, but Toby was used to him, though the expression in them seemed to calm down seeing the brunette teen’s face. He had fair skin, and black sideburns, with short raven back hair that made him look like a young farmer boy….well just a little bit. Though in truth, he looked to be about somewhere in the mid 30’s possibly. He was a strong looking man, who looked like he could probably hold his own in a fist fight with a grizzly bear. He was wearing a crimson red hunting styled shirt, and black suspenders with brass belt buckles, that were attached to black hunter styled pants. He also was sporting a pair of thick steel toed hiking boots, and black fingerless gloves.

Despite being a lumberjack, he was oddly clean shaven, and was holding a double barrel shotgun that he used for “hunting” in steady hands. Toby recognized him as their neighbor Guster Knoll or “Grumpy Gunts” to those who had ever heard of him. Guster chuckled “damn Toby, mabbe you should start wearin a bell or somethin” Guster chuckled “Cuz, no kiddin, I was This close to shootin you dead right then and there by mistake” Guster teased holding up his fingers, and almost pinching them together “sorry about that Knoll, had to ditch some lame p, party, what’re you doing out h, here so late anyway?” Toby asked. “Eh not much really, just taking a stroll through the woods is all, it sure is a nice night out aint it?” Guster mused. “With a rifle?” Toby asked chuckling slightly “Well shoot boy, heck yeah, I aint never leave home without it, this gun here’s my baby” Guster replied. Toby glanced to Guster’s side and arched a brow, noticing a certain German Shepard didn’t seem to be with the man. “Hey Knoll uh, where’s your dog?” Toby managed to ask, “What’s that? Oh yeah, he’s sleepin at the mo, so what’s up kiddo?” Guster asked. “Wha, what do you mean?” Toby asked “well you seemed to be stormin about in quite a huff, otherwise I probably wouldn’ta heard ya trompin about, and you look pretty miffed about somthin, so what’s eatin ya?” the lumberjack asked. “It was just some stupid p, party….j, just some prick being annoying….which b, by the way, you wouldn’t happen to be carrying a spare hatchet on you by ch, chance would ya? Buddy ol pal?” he asked. “Kid, what’d he say to you?” Guster spoke frowning, folding his arms over his chest.

“Awww c’ c’mon Knoll, you got one on ya or not?” Toby protested “no, I don’t got a hatchet on me tonight, I left it back in ma ol tool shed, but seriously, what’d he say ta ya to get ya more wound up than a crooked squirrel? It’s aint like you to get all crazy like…well I mean boy you crazy, aint we all in the Hollow, but you aint the vengeful crazy, so what gives?” Guster explained. Can’t beat that logic can you? No, apparently not, Toby sighed and shrugged casually. “It was terrible nobody even n, noticed me, it was like I was one of Stagetrick Mime’s magic tricks in there, and when I wha, Was noticed I ahhg” Toby ranted. Guster arched a brow as he listened to the younger male, as he then placed a hand onto the boy’s shoulder. “Now Tobes, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s knowin who your people are” he spoke calmly. “Huh?!” Toby blurted out confused “that doesn’t make any sense” Toby protested flailing his arms. “Well sure it does, what aint you getting?” Guster inquired. “Uhh Knoll? Wha, what does that have to do with some g, guy at the party telling me that n, nobody liked me, a, and that no one would ever find m, me attractive?“ Toby asked. Guster blinked before his bottom eyelid twitched, a sign of his protective temper flaring up slightly.

“What?” he asked in an almost dark tone, causing Ticci Toby to almost cower slightly “I, it’s fine r, really, I’m u, used to people telling me that” Toby protested nervously. “Well that’s nothing but a load of codswallup, people like you just fine, ya just gotta stop hanging out with those bitter little trollops, they aint worth the grief, and besides that, you look alright to me” He told the brunette who frowned grimly “yeah thanks” Toby replied flatly. “Aw c’mon cheer up Tobes, now listen, out there people are vicious, soul sucking creatures with devils tongues, who’re too caught up in their own self absorbed worlds, to really care about others….And besides that, I don’t see why a nice young man like you, can’t find themselves someone nice” Guster shrugged. “Yeah right” Toby spoke in a defeated laugh. “No, now c’mon Tobes, that aint no way to be, maybe you just aint lookin in the right places, now, why don’t you get on home fore ol Slendy starts ta worry about ya you know how he gets when he worries” Guster told him. Toby arched a brow, he wanted to believe the Guster was right about this, but frankly, he was having a hard time believing that at the moment. Though he blinked at the mention of Slenderman and drummed his fingers together glancing about without bothering to turn his head.

“You have a point there; ummm think you would mind walking me back to the neighborhood? It’s a little too dark for me to see too well without a flashlight, which…..was probably next to my hatchet” he commented nervously. “You left it at home didn’t you?” Guster spoke flatly. Toby laughed nervously as he gave a nervous grin, rubbing the back of his neck. “Y, yeah, I… kinda left it there on accident” he confessed. “Oh alright, just make sure that clown friend of yours don’t try to hug me again, now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a good ol bear hug now and then, but his hugs are a little to suffocatin for my likin” Guster confessed. “boy I swear, getting a hug from him is like getting a hug from a Burmese python, well either that or a dang boa constrictor” Guster added as he reached into his bag and pulled out a flashlight, clicking it on and began shining it about. “Well shoot, where the dang operator signs at?” he spoke as Toby’s eye twitched slightly, were they seriously lost in the woods?

“Now don’t you worry none Tobes, we’ll get you home safe and sound” he told him, glancing back at the brunette over his shoulder. However, when he turned around to look straight ahead, he wasn’t expecting the light to illuminate a figure that suddenly inches in front of him. “Gah, what in tarnation?!” he declared nearly jumping back slightly, and absently reaching for his shotgun, as Toby yelped and jumped as well. That was before they soon recognized the figure standing in front of them. It wasn’t hard for them not to recognize the tall slender figure, with long arms and legs, wearing a black suit, with a white button down shirt, and black tie, and that blank white expressionless face. “Well God damn Slendy, you tryin to give us a heart attack?” Guster protested. “Seriously man, at least warn a fella when yous gonna do that” Guster scolded lightly as Toby cowered behind the raven haired lumberjack. Slender’s skin flexed into an arch of a brow, as a frown managed to form, as it then managed to speak. “Sorry about that Knoll, I was looking for something” Slenderman spoke. “Nah, don’t worry about it Slendy, I didn’t mean to go off on ya like that, it’s just you know how I be gettin, when there’s people not far off that aint like us” he explained. To which Slenderman managed a nod, before tilting his head slightly, to glance over Guster’s shoulder. “Hey Knoll? What’s that behind you?” the pale creature managed. Toby groaned, he wasn’t getting out of this one was he? Considering he hadn’t exactly Told Slenderman that he was sneaking off to a party in the next town over; let alone a drinking party, since chances were, he figured that Slendy probably would not have let him go to it if he had.

Guster blinked before he grinned and moved aside, placing a hand onto Toby’s shoulder. “Oh yeah, found one of your little mischief makers lookin a little lost, I was just about to take him home when you found us” Guster told him casually. Slenderman seemed to give a sigh of relief at this “I see…thank you for finding him Knoll, saved me the trouble of asking Masky and Hoodie to go looking for him” Slendy told him. “Anyhoo, so what you lookin for Slendy, perhaps I can help ya look for it, y’know, after I get him back to the Hollow” Guster advised. Slender calmly shook his head “no need, you already found it” he spoke looking towards Toby. “Toby….it’s time to go home child, unless you have night vision, I don’t want you out here when it’s soo dark out” it spoke. Toby gave a nervous chuckle “uhh r, right, good point, I’ll uh, m, make a note of that” Toby managed, before following the tall creature through the woods. “Yall take care now” Guster called to them, before seeming to head off in some random direction.

“Um s, Slendy?” Toby began rubbing his arm nervously and looking up at him, almost like a child who knew they did something bad. “S, sorry about this, I, sh, should’ve told you where I w, was” Toby managed feeling guilty about it. “It’s fine Toby, just try not to make a habit of it, you’re just as important to me as Masky and Hoodie” Slenderman spoke calmly. They managed to reach the eerie neighborhood of Nightshade’s Hollow that they called home, and followed him back to where Slenderman had made a place for the three boys to stay at. Slenderman calmly opened the door before he calmly strode in, telling the boys he had work to do and would be back later before leaving again, after advising them not to stay up too late. Toby knew not to talk back to the faceless being, despite his usual rebellious attitude towards anyone else. Slenderman was like the father he never had, considering his real one was …well, let’s not get into that. Masky and Hoodie were lounging about on the couch in the living room, watching random slasher horror films. “Uh hey guys” Toby managed, causing the two boys to glance at each other before looking at him confused.

“Um, you okay there Rogers?” Masky asked seeming slightly concerned “since when do you care Timothy?” Toby spat back coldly. “Ooookaayyyy, who are you, and what have you done with Ticci Toby?” Masky asked arching a brow. “Uh nothing? Sorry it’s just….I forgot my h, hatchet and missed out on killing some dickwad from the town over” Toby spoke. “Oh” Masky replied casually with a light shrug. “Meh whatever, so you wanna watch some horror movies with us? Might help take your mind off it, or…. something” Masky managed before gesturing to the kitchen. “Oh yeah before I forget, there’s pizza on the counter, it should still be good, and there’s soda in the fridge if you want any, just don’t touch the cheesecake in there…..I shouldn’t need to tell you it’s mine” Masky told him. Toby arched a brow “when is it not?” he asked casually, seeming to calm down a little, it felt good to be back in a place that made sense to him.

He went over and grabbed himself a soda along with some pizza and sat down with his roommates. “Horror movies huh? Nice! Sooooo which one are you guys watching anyway?” he asked “some slasher flick, Jeff recommended it” Masky commented with bored shrug. “Wellll, considering the guy’s using a butcher knife as a weapon, I can kinda see why” Toby commented casually. Before long; as it grew later into the night, Masky and Hoodie had wound up passed out on the couch, as Toby yawned and stretched, before getting up and headed up to his room. As he entered, he sighed sadly, before going over to his bed and flopped down onto it. He was soo tired from the day that he fell fast asleep the moment he landed onto the Full size bed, snoring softly from pure exhaustion.

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