~By Oshana_Tutak

I once said I’d be fine
Not knowing what lay ahead
I was so naïve and so young
Till the voices shrieked in my head

Always careless and futile I tried
Never more than a eye did cry
I was the demon set free
In the life of angels creed

They say I’m the evil to good
Their yin to my yang
I force myself to breathe
When it’s too hard for me to stand

Even though it’s pointless
They try their best
I end up laughing to my pain
For there’s nothing I can gain

We live In a world where strive is key to success
I’m the one who lacks it
No matter what’s in front of me
I fail to conceal it

I seem to do that well with my feelings
For no one knows my true self
“He’s kind and innocent” They say
I’m wondering how long they’ve been blind

I don’t perpetuate my emotions as keys
They are just distractions
I’ve learned I can only use one sense to feel them
The rest are eaten away
They are just illusions
Of my mind being rotten anyway

There will be always one worse off then me
I wish them better luck then I make it seem
Even with knowing mine is dim in eyes
My pain is real, shielded from uncaring pies
No one may know my story and even if it’s a fairytale
In my heart it will tell me
My life is