I’m not all that great this week. I’ve failed, yet again, to follow through with the low power days I wanted to keep up with, failed to write anything, failed to correct my sleeping schedule, and failed with all mini chores I tell myself to do each day. I feel like a failure… As an added bonus, I feel really tired all the time. Am I not getting enough sleep?

The dog is also acting weird. Not weird as in we need to take her to a vet, but weird as in she seems to not remember her meal time training. See, when it is time for her to eat, I take her in to the kitchen where her food bowl is, but then give her commands “sit”, ”down”, ”come”, and “back”. It might seem a bit cruel to make her work before eating, but she tends to shake like crazy, and I don’t want her to be so worked up about food, so I try to get her to calm down by doing something else, and it works. However, lately she doesn’t seem to want to go near the food bowl when I tell her she can eat. It might have something to do with the fact she goes too fast, slips, then falls on her a**, and I make her go back and start over. She cannot run on linoleum or wood flooring and if she does, she’ll get hurt, so I make her go back and do it again until she gets it right. Am I doing it wrong? I don’t want her to slip and get hurt or slip and cause me or my room mate to get hurt if we are around her at the time, so I thought this would be the route to take. I’m not sure what else to do except what I used to do, which was walk around the house with her following, and sometimes walk into the kitchen and past her food bowl a few times before I let her eat. It gets her to not shake since she is walking, though it can be a bit tiring for me. It might make her okay with walking to her bowl again and since I lead her with a leash, I can keep her from trying to run on the floor like she has been. Hmmm…. I’ll try it for the next week and see how things go.

I’ve been thinking a little bit about the JWs and how annoying they were. I still can’t believe that three places I lived they showed up to. It is creepy. I also ran across a 78 questions for christians video on youtube, and thought about having a list of questions premade and printed out so that if I ever run into them again in the future I can just hand them the list and tell them if they cannot fill out the questions honestly and truthfully without contradicting themselves or the bible, then and only then can we talk. There is a possibility it would be insulting, but it would get a lot of things out of the way at the start, so I wouldn’t have to waste possibly weeks talking to them because I am too polite to tell them they are trespassing. It might also give them the idea that maybe they might not want to visit me anymore.

Nothing else to really say…. This is two weeks in a row that I’ve been rather short with the entry. Is that good or bad? neutral

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