Dear Diary,
I have had it with this crap gonk . I cannot even remember to get on gaia nor write new entries daily confused , my house has no spigot to connect a hose to stare , we have no pools big enough for us to get into mad , and we have no money for any pools or water parks stressed . To top it all off my friend, all of them actually, either went to pools or water parks WITHOUT ME, even though those who didn't were invited, but declined, when i wasn't, even though i give them cool free stuff EVERYDAY!!! scream ME no like it at all. emotion_8c Can y'all believe it, such a horrible twist to my previously PERFECT summer!? emotion_donotwant They are all traitors in a way to me now, but not my enemies. I stiil am super mad emotion_0A0 .

Oh and here is a conversation between me and my friends to show you what it was like when i got some of what i thought was good food, that ended up being to good to be true!

Joe: I dare u to eat his burger yum_burger . i'll give you 10$ if u do. emotion_hug
Me: emotion_eyebrow to eat a burger. really. no tricks? why?
Joe: No, i swear dude. He will freak out and it would be funny. plus its your favorite
Me: emotion_jawdrop really? it is!
Bill: go ahead, im full anyway.
Me: emotion_bigheart emotion_kirakira thank u!!!
Me: emotion_omnomnom
Me: emotion_8c holy...
Me: emotion_puke Blegh
Me: emotion_drool what the...
Me: emotion_puke Blegh
Me: emotion_drool why!?
Me: eek i don't feel so ...
Bill and joe: hahaha you fell for... hahaha... it lol
Me: mad how dare... eek
Me: emotion_zombie

Well that is also how most of my day felt, so... yeah... SUCKS