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the Dream realm of dark vs light . this will be the plays i write down story's about what ever i come up with feel like or dream .

Alduin Fury
Community Member
Chapter 1

The white order

darkness, pain, blood, twisting and turning so much dead, black wings, red eyes walking among the corpses of the free people. fire burning behind him leaving noting but ash. face unknown to him, but he knew very well who this man was although he had never had wings. a cold breeze was felt another walked among the dead people bringing the nordic snow storm with him blue bright eyes, silver blue hair, he knew this man his brother who died when he defeated the dark king. the fire weakens and the red eyes looked tormented, no not tormented he did not believe that those red eyes could ever show pain for another. he looks up a large fire comet flies over telling that this was the end of the world darkness had won. he looks to the red eyes, winged man. he disappeared as if he never had existed in the first place. he looked to his brother who to looked sad and tormented. he wanted to go to him but he could not move "b.... brother watch out" he shouted when a large dark silhouette appeared behind his beloved brother. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" he shouted when he woke up and sits up breathing heavy from the nightmare. he shock his head, he felt the sweet drip down from his cheek. "that dream ....." he then looks up when he hears the knocking. "what ? " he said feeling a bit disorientated.

"Are you okay sir grimmir ?" soft young boy's voiced asked worried."hmmm i have a letter for you from the order, they are summoning you " the voice still sounded worried.

"im fine give me a second" he got up and started to dress him self. wondering what the order of the white phoenix wanted with him. well what ever it was it would not be good. he had picked his finest clothing, still if any one of the capitol would see him they would know he was a warrior of the north were it was always cold and summer never lasted long. but it was his homeland and he was proud of it. and he did liked the Nordic clothing of leather and fur, and of course there was cotton to. the capital was warm so he decided to wear a white cotton shirt and brown leather pants made of dear hide. his boots were brown and made of the fur of a grizzly bear." well this would have to do" he moved his hand trough his half long wild nearly silver hair. he opens the door and tock the letter from the young boy to read it.

he could read that it was important, and that he had to get to them as soon as possible. he walked back to his room and wrapped his knights sword on his back it was a broad sword. he went to the stable to his horse, even that to shouted it came from the north it was large and strong build, made for durance instead of speed. its fur brown like the colour of the bast of a oak tree. "hey Volk " he petted the large creature before he saddled it. "don't worry you be grazing hay again soon enough " he grinned and climbs on Volk. he did love that darn horse. it had been a gift from his elder brother. "come Volk lets go".

it did not take long for Volk and Grimmir to get to the citadel of the order of the white phoenix because he had lived nearby, it had only taken him 4 hour's. he looks upon the large white citadel it was impressive as always. he tock volk to the stables making sure he had enough to eat before he would go to see when the council would be ready to see him.

a Day passes and the sun stood high in the sky, when Grimmir walked into the great hall were all council member's were sitting. he could see that not only the council members were here. he recognized some of them, there was princess elvirani from the waterfall elf's. for the entrance of there kingdom could only be enter by the cave located behind the waterfall that leaded to a forest surrounded by mountains,a safe haven for them. he then notice Valek a young wizard that was wiser then his age would say that he was. there were few others he did not know but he did not care. so he waited to hear what the council had to say. and finely they had taken there sweet time. the head of the council member's started to speak.

"Dear friend and comrade's, prince's, princess,kings and lord's. we have summoned you here to ask for your help and for you to listen. and ancient threat is about to awaken again. the dark Lord Azeazel bastard child of the god of hell imprisoned by the angel of the Emerald realm is about to break free to unite the hordes of demon's in the dark lands behind the mountain's of hellheim.

"well isn't that the angels problem, they imprisoned him they can do it again. lets them come from there safe realm to fix the problem " Grimmir was annoyed. he did not like the angels much they never realy helped them. sure they left artefacts or clues behind to fight the darkness. but they never came to help.

Markia narrow his eyes he knew the young man that had spoken. "your brother was more eager to listen " the head of the council said.

"and where is he now? dead"

"Grim your brother died a hero's dead. we all are grateful for his sacrifice. but as you know the angel's follow a different set of rules then here. they can not help, now shut your mouth and listen young warrior. "we need to stop Azeazel from wakening up and breaking out. we need to claim the book with the enchantments written in the blood of Dragons and angel's . for it has the enchantment to keep the demon locked.

"or free him, if the legend it correct, if the demon's get there hand on it they could do who knowns what, free there demon lord faster would be a start, and then strengthen there army's to wipe us out. "valek pushed his glasses up his nose wile he spoke.

"yes, as always you are right, valek. and that is why we need to reclaim the book before it is to late." markai looks to grim. " we need you, and some volunteers to head out to hellheim and find dargor and bring him to us."

"say what, why do you need him for, one he will never help. and two what ever this quest takes we don't need him. he is trouble and can't be trusted have you forgotten the knights incident ? "

"no we have not, but still we need him, he is the only one that knows the darkland's better then anyone else". markai looked irritated to grim.

elvirani stands up " i shall go find the dark prince of the darkland's if grim is to afraid of him."

"im not afraid of Dargor," Grimmir looks to Elvirani a bit angry.and as usual she looks as beautiful as ever. with her long brown hair and her green eyes. usually he sow her in dress but this time she had a leather hunting outfit. but she was just a friend to him. well more a very good friend.

"then that settles it you come with me to get dargor " she grinned amused

grimmir cursed " i guess i have no choice " he did not like this one bit. he disliked no hated dargor. and he knew dargor would not come out of free will.

Valek looks curious "a sword, and bow, then i shall come to, you might need magic and im good at what i do. "

Markai looked pleased " Amiliana shall accompany you to, she will be our eyes and ears. and she can handle her self no worries there. also Taimriel will join you, he is a wood elf and a good tracker. now go rest and prepare you will all be leaving in the morning.

grimmir was surprised when he had heard Amiliana would join him. she to disliked dargor. although she to did not know what dargor looked like. just like him amiliana thought dargor to be an ugly scary looking demon. well they would know soon enough. he still did not understand why they needed Dargor, but if they want him they will get him. even if he had to beat him onto submission. but for now he would do as he was told and prepare for the journey to hellheim and were dargor was last sighted.

and the first thing he would do was get some good light armour, to protect him. he knew the order would pay for it. that was the reason why they told them to prepare. still he wonders the council was pretty calm. it was like all members had agreed on it. he then shock his head, they probably have debated it for weeks or months before they summoned him and the others. "to bad i have missed that " he grinned remembering the last time the council members had to debate. many curses, and ugly words were shouted to one another, it was very entertaining. his smile faint away, his brother would disprove of him for finding it entertaining. he shock his head and wend to the his favourite armour store one of many he still had to visit before he would leave on this quest to bring Dargor the dark prince back to the order of the white phoenix.

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