Dear Megs,

Well I like to think of you as the partner of Ron, you are both pretty epic. I kinda enjoyed your company while it lasted.. Around people I'm always scared to say anything and the story of our friendship kinda proves why. I know I've always been more of an acquaintance with you anyways, I've never really been someone to talk to, just act like I'm there for the company. But I enjoyed the time hanging with you, Ron, Alch, and Kia very much. I sat in the corner but enjoyed the pleasantries and having some people I could call friends, while acting like a kitten for Rosa. I really do like attention, but I never gave much thought of making our friendship closer than it needed to be. So.. one day I tried joking around with you.. you were wearing one of those gaia shirts that showed a lot.. and I'm sorry now for coming up to you and asking 'A bit low cut don't you think' I really just wanted to start a conversation or anything. Sadly you got the wrong impression you took it to the extreme.. I wasn't trying to mock your dressing style, on the avi you put a lot of effort into, I wasn't trying to be a terrible friend by not just saying hello and exchanging the usual pleasantries. I was just trying to be a jerk I guess and make a joke to start of the conversation.. And I was stupid of ever even opening my mouth. I shouldn't shouldn't have and I'm sorry, I know it hurt you a lot.. caused me to go on a withdraw from gaia a month. I came back as a cat trying not to talk just be an adoring animal.. but that didn't really work and I can't make up for what I said, what I did. It's kinda stupid for me to assume that I can talk to anyone without getting them flustered at one point... But you have been a good friend and I can only wish for the best of you as I avoid opening my mouth around you at this point. I'm sorry for being such a bad person with words, such a bad person with friends. I wish the best of you always.

Wishing you many pleasantries,
~Teary Bear