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Step 14: Head Southwest of Fenith Island to a small island and dig it up
Step 15: Greet Jocelyn on a Thursday or Holiday, as she is vital to getting
more storyline island quests
Step 16: Talk to Lily until she mentions someone that has a problem similar to
the problem Aden and Sonja has
Step 17: Accept Lily's request on the board about a new island
Step 18: Get Ymir over to the designated spot on the ocean and pull out a new
permanent island
Step 19: Get close to the building in the center to trigger a small scene
Step 20: Destroy all of the monster gates on the island
Step 21: Get inside the now-accessible building
Step 22: Defeat all of the monsters in side (but watch out for the swirling
Step 23: Obtain the Earth Spirit Shrine Key from the chest
Step 24: Accept Odette's request about a tour of Fenith Island... islands
Step 25: Head directly south of Fenith Island on Ymir to the Earth Spirit
Shrine Island (It looks like a giant yellow crystal on your ocean
Step 26: Step foot on the island, but don't advance
Step 27: Report back to Odette
Step 28: Head back to the Earth Spirit Shrine and conquer it

[For more information on the Earth Spirit Shrine, please visit its section]

Step 29: Head to the Altar of the Earth Spirit Shrine
Step 30: Examine the orb in the middle of the altar
Step 31: Run. Don't even try anything. Just run and only let two of their beam
attacks hit you.
Step 32: Open the big blue chest and obtain the Green Core
Step 33: Talk to Elena and confirm Ymir's upgrade
Step 34: Wake up the next day to a scene where Elena confirms Ymir's upgrade


Step 1: Accept Joe's request about him teaching you how to read sea charts
(Because you obviously couldn't read one before, am I right?)
Step 2: Head to the designated area and just get to the exclamation point area
Step 3: Report back to Joe
Step 4: Accept Bacchus' request about raising a sunken boat
Step 5: Head north between the two deep areas of the ocean and raise the boat
Step 6: Get on the new island
Step 7: Just like Shrine Island, approach the center and trigger the scene
Step 8: Destroy all of the monster portals
Step 9: Climb aboard (and bring along all your hopes and dreams~)
Step 10: Beat all of the monsters and claim your treasure
Step 11: Report back to Bacchus
Step 12: Accept Electra's request about the island that grows stone flowers
Step 13: Head a bit northwest of the Sunken Ship and raise the Winter Island
Step 14: Report the discovery back to Electra
Step 15: Bring Winter Island back to normal by letting loose some spirits
Step 16: Accept James' request about fulfilling the last wills of a sunken
ship's crew
Step 17: Head even further west and raise the Desert Island

=Mini Desert Island Guide=
Step 1: Head north towards the small pool of water
Step 2: Walk up the elevated area to your left
Step 3: Look south (towards Ymir) and jump towards the plateau
Step 4: Head left again and jump across the small platform to the next plateau
Step 5: Run left again and cross the stone bridge
Step 6: Look left yet again and jump your way across the platforms towards the
final area
Step 7: Follow the path towards a stone ladder and climb up it
Step 8: Get close to the glowing monument and trigger a scene
Step 9: Defeat all of the monsters
Step 10: Open the chest and obtain the Fire Spirit Shrine Key
=End of Mini Desert Island Guide=

Step 18: Report back to James
Step 19: Accept Beatrix's request about exploring an island
Step 20: Head waaaaay down south to the indicated area
Step 21: Step foot on the area, but don't advance
Step 22: Head back and report to Beatrix
Step 23: Ready yourself and blast through the Fire Spirit Shrine

[For more information on the Fire Spirit Shrine, please visit its section]

Step 24: Go all out against the Goblin Pirate Crew
Step 25: Pick up the Red Core
Step 26: Once again, hand the core over to Elena for a Ymir upgrade
(Note that you have to do this manually from now on)
Step 27: Talk to Elena the next day and she'll mention that she's having
problems with the core
Step 28: Talk to Elena again the day after and she'll tell you that the
problem is done with and she can finally upgrade Ymir
Step 29: Wake up to Elena confirming Ymir's second upgrade


Step 1: Talk to Odette until she mentions that Talynn is leaving
Step 2: Accept Joe's request about going beyond the reef
Step 3: Travel south to the destination and raise Jungle Island
Step 4: Step on the Island to complete request

=Mini Jungle Island Guide=
Step 1: Tread forward until you see a large pillar in the middle of water
Step 2: Climb up the vines on the pillar
Step 3: Trigger the lever at the top to lower a pole
Step 4: Head southeast of the pillar you're on to the new area
Step 5: Head to the left side of this area to find another large pillar
Step 6: Climb up and trigger the lever to lower another pole
Step 7: Run to the opposite side of where you came from to the newest area
Step 8: Turn right towards another large pillar
Step 9: Do what you must to trigger the lever on top of it
Step 10: Run north towards the umpteenth pillar
Step 11: Climb up and trigger it
Step 12: Head back south and turn to your right to the final area
Step 13: Climb up the stairs to the monument
Step 14: Defeat ALL the things
Step 15: Open the treasure chest
=End of Mini Jungle Island Guide=

Step 5: Report back to Joe
Step 6: Accept Sierra's request about a Summer Island
Step 7: Head northwest from the Jungle Island and a bit east to find the
resting spot of the Summer Island
Step 8: Raise Summer Island
Step 9: Report back to Sierra
Step 10: Accept Mikoto's request about a rumor she heard
Step 11: Travel east of Fenith Island to the marked area and pick up the giant
Step 12: Get on the head and defeat all the Goblins
Step 13: Open the Blue Box and take the Statue before departing
Step 14: Report to Mikoto
Step 15: Talk to Sierra and have her invite you to some night time fun
Step 16: Head to the harbor and join the group during the evening (They'll be
outside the tunnel that leads to the beach)
Step 17: Watch cutscene
Step 18: Get to bed and end the day
Step 19: Enjoy the cutscene again
Step 20: Raise Pandora to 1 FP (Note that giving her gifts works the same as
other characters, so don't hold back on your precious gems)
Step 21: Accept request from Elena about an ancient golem manual
Step 22: Head southeast of Fenith Island to the marked area
Step 23: Raise the island and fight on it
Step 24: Report back to Elena
Step 25: Accept request from Elena again, but this time about golem history
Step 26: Head to the island north of the one we just raised
Step 27: Raise this new island to the surface
Step 28: Get close to the ladder
Step 29: As per usual, destroy all the portals on this island to unblock the
Step 30: Climb up this huge ladder to the top of the head
Step 31: Defeat all the enemies
Step 32: Retrieve Water Spirit Shrine Key
Step 33: Report to Elena
Step 34: Accept request from Violet about a towering island to the east
(I wonder what that could be...)
Step 35: Visit the island marked on your map
Step 36: Like the other towers, all you have to do is step on it
Step 37: Report back to Violet
Step 38: Head to the Dragon Shrine to view Talynn depart
Step 39: Rename the egg how you see fit
Step 40: Ready yourself and dive into the Water Spirit Shrine

[For more information on the Water Spirit Shrine, please visit its section]

Step 41: Pick up the Blue Core
Step 42: Hand the Blue Core over to Elena
Step 43: Wake up the next day to Elena confirming Ymir's upgrade


Step 1: Talk to Pandora about the Legendary Golem
Step 2: Accept James' request about the water dragon waterspout
Step 3: Head to any of the areas marked on the ocean map, although the best
one would be the one northeast of Fenith Island
Step 4: Ride one of the waterspouts to a new ocean area
Step 5: Report back to James
Step 6: Accept Bismarck's request about a Fall Island
Step 7: Head to the marked destination
Step 8: Raise the island and step foot on it
Step 9: Report back to Bismarck
Step 10: Accept Jocelyn's request about a Mystic Ruin (Remember that she only
appears on certain days)
Step 11: Head to the marked point and raise Mystic Island
Step 12: Step onto the island
Step 13: Report back to Jocelyn and answer her questions
[(1) Square and Round (2) Yes (3) Off-white]
Step 14: Accept request from Maerwen about a frozen island
Step 15: Head to the marked area in the north
Step 16: Raise Frost Island and step on it
Step 17: Report back to Maerwen (and grab a fishing rod, since you'll need it)

=Mini Frost Island Guide=
Step 1: Head to the left, but stick close to the high ledge in the center of
the island
Step 2: When you see some ledges, jump on them and head straight towards the
sign near the statues
Step 3: Read the sign and get your clue
Step 4: Jump into the center of the island (It has rune spirit spots) and
break the ice in the middle
Step 5: Keep fishing there until you get at least one of each kind of pond
smelt (Bronze, Silver, and Gold)
Step 6: Head back toward the statues
Step 7: Pull out the pond smelts individually and approach the statues for
three scenes where you give them the smelts
Step 8: Walk along the path revealed by the broken ice wall
Step 9: Jump up to the area with the monument and approach it
Step 10: Eliminate the monsters in your way
Step 11: Open the chest to get the Wind Spirit Shrine Key
=End of Mini Frost Island Guide=

Step 18: Accept request from Lily about a strange island to the north
Step 19: Head west from Frost Island towards the marked area, but watch your
path since the area is somewhat like a maze
Step 20: Step on the Wind Island Shrine
Step 21: Report back to Lily
Step 22: Gear up and go into the Wind Spirit Shrine

[For more information on the Wind Spirit Shrine, please visit its section]

Step 23: After fighting Asmodeus, do NOT engage into combat head-on with the
dark spirits. You won't be able to kill them or hurt them. Simply hit
them once or twice and run around the arena Benny Hill style.
Step 24: Cutscene and anime scene, so just watch
Step 25: Get back to Ymir after collecting your rewards (No Core this time)
Step 26: Retreat to Fenith Island


Step 1: Head towards the Dragon Shrine
Step 2: Destroy all the enemies (while enjoying the Spirit Song)
Step 3: Take on Joe's request about a treasure
Step 4: Head to the marked area and raise the island
Step 5: Destroy the monsters in your way
Step 6: Go ahead and end the day
Step 7: Check out back for your golem and view the scene
Step 8: Talk to Pandora
Step 9: End the day when you feel like it
Step 10: After the scene the next morning, go talk to Elena
Step 11: Head to Ymir
Step 12: Defeat the monster
Step 13: Head to all four Spirit Shrines and gather the spirit souls.
You'll find them by going to the boss floor of the tower and
taking the stairs up to the altar. Afterwards, you'll get a
small scene and then be able to snag the item.
Step 14: At either the third shrine you visit or the Earth Spirit Shrine
(Forgot to test this), you'll come across the Goblin Pirates.
Nothing to do but watch a scene, but it's significant enough to note.
Step 15: Visit the Dragon Shrine once you have all the Dragon Souls
Step 16: Visit Odette, Lily, and Violet to weaken the seal
(Optional, but recommended)
Step 17: Raise the relationship level of all the marriage candidates to 6
(Optional, but HIGHLY recommended)
Step 18: Visit the Dragon Shrine to initiate the final confrontation


Despite your attempts to weaken it, the Legendary Golem still hits like a
truck. Block as soon as you gain control just in case. At level 47, it was
able to kill me with just one move (although it hits three times).

Land a combo on it ASAP. Once it's down, wait a bit until it comes up. Land
the first hit of your combo before it's able to block. Keep repeating this
until the Legendary Golem is down. Sure, it's a cheap tactic, but it works.
Besides, it hits like a TRUCK. I can't emphasize that enough.

Once you bring it down to no HP, it'll be dazed. Walk up to it to receive a
prompt to finish the job. Once you trigger, you'll receive a small scene
that'll be followed by the next boss battle.


*Phase 1*

Phase 1 is relatively easy on you. Most of the Masked Man's attacks will be
held back for now. All you have to do to initiate the next phase is to
cut around a fourth of the HP bar off.

*Phase 2*

Hoo boy. Finally unveiled. From here on out, the battle will really start
kicking up.

The first thing you need to know is to not get too close to the Masked Man
when he raises an arm to the sky. If he does so, he'll call forth around 5
dark balls of energy. These hit hard and multiple times. If you get hit by the
first one, you'll be stunned enough for all the other ones to smash into you
as well. Pray that this isn't used consecutively.

There are either two ways to finish this phase. You can either go down in a
blaze of glory by fighting and eventually wearing out your HP, or you can
bring the Masked Man's HP to the brink.

*Phase 3*

This is it. High gear. Everyone is counting on you. Are you ready? Then here's
a complete skill list.

Dark Call: 5 dark balls of energy are called onto the battlefield. These can
act in a variety of ways. They can roam forward towards you, wander
around randomly, or head straight towards you. Like before, these
can combo into each other. What makes things worse is that this can
stun you long enough for other attacks. I was brought from 50% of
my health down to around 5-10% because I got careless and he
chain-stunned me. Watch your back.

Meteor Call: A lone meteor is called towards your position. There's a physical
queue since he seems to float up a bit and then point at the
ground. Alone, this deals less damage than Dark Call. However,
it still stuns and can be used in a combo with it. Watch. Your.

Beam Call: A small group of water beams are called around the arena and shoot
at you. Just try to stay mobile when this happens.

Fire Ultimatum V1: The Masked Man floats in the air and calls upon a massive
pillar of flames. This pillar then shoots three fireballs
at you. The fireballs can be avoided by moving erratically
and jumping, but it's hard to get the hang of.

Fire Ultimatum V2: The Masked Man floats in the air and calls down a swarm of
meteors to devastate the battleground. Try to avoid them as
best as you can.

Water Ultimatum: The Masked Man places several balls of water on the
battlefield. Afterwards, thin beams start shooting from one
ball to another. Try to stick close to one beam without
touching it. The beams tend to leave a large gap in between
them for your safety.

Wind Ultimatum: EXTREMELY hard to avoid. Several blades of wind spin around
the middle of the stage while a massive tornado pulls you into
the center. Expect to take around 4-6 hits of this if you
couldn't avoid it from the get-go. Just for reference, I
vaguely remember barely escaping most of the hits from the
tornado when I was close to the edge of the stage.

Sakura Blade Rush: Three blades of energy are slashed towards you before the
Masked Man closes the gap and slashes at you.

Night Spear: This attack is likely only to be used on you from afar. The
Masked Man aims his sword at your general location and sends out
four sharp, dark spears.

Light Spike: An attack akin to that of Oblitergator's Leg Spike, hence the
similar names. Masked Man slams his sword down to the ground and
causes three spikes to erupt out of the ground and towards you.

Void Reaper: The Masked Man slashes his sword in front of him and causes a
dark void to appear near him. Stay away from this at all costs.

Quick Strike: This is the most simple attack I can give a name to. Basically,
the Masked Man rushes towards you, gives you one upper-slash,
and runs back to his starting position. It's really only one
hit, though... so...

Illusion Shift: The Masked Man spawns 4 illusions of him that deal the same
amount of damage as him. These 5 combined have the power to
bring your HP down to red in a flash if they combo. There
appears to be a timer for them, but you can also defeat them.

Heavenly Rain: A MASSIVE light attack that engulfs the entire battlefield and
kills you. Instantly. You can't run from it. All you can do is
take it in with the love of your friends protecting and
surrounding you.

You will die this round. I'm not kidding. The Masked Man has a one-hit kill
attack that's unavoidable. Here's the good news, though; you now have more
than one life. The reason I recommended that you raise the relationship level
of all the marriage candidates was for the very reason. Each candidate gives
you an extra life in the battle. At the minimum, you'll have two (Sonja and
the Goblin Captain). At max, you'll have 15 (Base 2 + 13 extra).

The main difference between this fight and the previous phases is the
relentlessness of the combos. If you screw up and let him set you up, you'll
be saying goodbye to a chunk of your health. Handle it the same as before
as much as you can. Depending on the amount of lives you have, this battle can
either be hell or cake. This fits perfectly with Rune Factory's recurring
theme of your ultimate strength being that of the ties you have forged in your
journey. Don't let them down.

For those of you that didn't get everyone up, though, here's the dialogue for
all of the characters during the inspirational scene.

"It's not like you to give up. I know you'll push forward no matter what life
throws at you. You're too thick-headed to just lie down and surrender!"

"Don't tell me you're throwing in the towel now! Come on, I know you've got a
lot of fight left in ya! Don't let me down, buddy.

"All we can do for you is cheer you on... But if we can give you some of our
strength... Please..."

"It is my duty to protect the peace of this island. I am truly sorry to have
laid this burden on you. I shall guard your back, so focus on the enemy
before you!"

"Please don't give up. Even if there's only a sliver of hope, fight on.
Please... The fate of all of us is in your hands."

"I... I wish I could help. But I'm not good in a fight. But let me say this,
you are not fighting alone. Our hearts are with you."

"Well, everyone dies someday. But I don't want the island to disappear, so you
better not die today. Well... Good luck. And don't lose!"

"When this all ends, we still have to hang out! So I expect you to win and
come back in one piece. If you don't, you'll have to answer to me!"

"I love this island and all of its people. I know you feel the same way.
That's why I'll continue to believe. I know that you'll stand again and be

"All things are destined to break down someday. Even golems... But your time
hasn't come yet. You can do it!"

"Um... Well... Th-There's soemthing I haven't told you yet... So please...
Don't die..."

"I've no patience for this languid attitude! As my top underling, I expect
more of you! This miserable Legendary Golem is not significant enough that I
need to soil my hands. It's a simple task! Defeat the Legendary Golem.
You have my permission!"

[Goblin Captain]
"Aye, yer the toughest landlubber I've ever met! This be no time fer laying
down arms! Stand and fight, me heary! GO!!"

"You've given so much to me, (character name). When I tore my stuffed animal,
you gave me a toy sword. When I dropped my candy, you shared yours. You even
let me borrow your body. Words can't express my gratitude. Now it's my turn
to give you something. Take the strength of my spirit, my soul!"

Step 19: Enjoy the ending credits. You deserve 'em!
Step 20: The next day, accept the golden requests from Odette, Lily, and
Violet. Though the dialogue is different, they're all similar in one
way; they see you as family and want to give you something special to
commemorate that fact
Step 21: Talk to Elena
Step 22: Go around Fenith Island and talk to everyone (except Quinn and
Kelsey) to collect the 15 golem fragments
Step 23: Report back to Elena
Step 24: End the day when you feel like it, although there's not much to do
without your golem
Step 25: Wake up the next day and head outside after the wake-up scene with
Step 26: Talk to Pandora
Step 27: Hand the Ancient Tome over to Lily (This scene just makes the
nostalgia pour out of me)
Step 28: Talk to Bacchus
Step 29: Bounce on over to Joe
Step 30: End the day whenever
Step 31: Head back to Joe to pick up the Friendship Compass
Step 32: Report to Lily
Step 33: If you haven't done so yet, raise the relationship level of all
marriage candidates to 6
Step 34: Head to the Dragon Shrine and check the Friendship Compass
(Use the altar) to make sure all the points are lit

[You're about to choose who you want to continue playing as (Aden or Sonja),
so I recommend saving on a different slot so you can get the full experience]

Step 35: Go back to Lily
Step 36: Choose who you want to continue playing as
Step 37: Enjoy the rest of the scene
Step 38: Report to the Dragon Shrine
Step 39: Finish the ritual
Step 40: Enjoy the rest of the dialogue

That's it! You're pretty much done with Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny at this
point. What's that? You don't feel like you're done? Of course not!
Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny has much more in store for you that I simply
can't hold your hand through. Make food! Befriend animals! Flirt with your
marriage candidates! Get married! It's all up to you. The plot ends here...
but that doesn't mean your story has finished just yet. What are you waiting
for? Time to make some waves!


Off the coast of Fenith Island, far in each of the four cardinal directions,
lie four sacred shrines. Each shrine is a tribute to one of the four
legendary dragons; Terrable (Earth), Fiersome (Fire), Aquaticus (Water), and
Ventuswill (Wind). These are the four main dungeons of this game, and this
section is dedicated for those that need help getting through them.


For the sake of not over complicating things, I'll try to avoid describing
two specific things: Jailbar Walls and Monster Arenas

Jailbar Walls are temporary walls that are connected by bars and columns.
They can be broken down and passed through easily. The reason I'll try to
avoid them is to save time. I will, however, use them if a room has a lot of

Monster Arenas are certain rooms/areas where all escape routes are sealed off
by a blue energy wall. In order to leave them, you must destroy all of the
portals. Don't worry too much about the monsters. If you're in danger of
fainting, though, you can still teleport back to the entrance. The only bad
thing about this is that your portal-destruction progress in the arena will be
reset next time you trigger it. Since these are one-time only events that can
be easily blasted through, I'll avoid them.


When you're going up the penultimate stairs and Aden warns you about the
strong force he feels and asks if you're ready, just keep going on ahead
anyways. The boss fight doesn't trigger until you're in the middle of the
floor. Besides, it makes things easier since just stepping on that floor will
trigger the teleport pad in the Shrine's first room.


Representing Dragon/Element: Terrable/Earth

Monsters: 1F - Goblin
Orc Archer
Red Ant
Giant Beetle

2F - Cluckadoodle
Orc Archer
Giant Beetle

3F - Orc
Orc Archer
Monster Box

4F - Boss

Boss: Moleman



Step 1: Travel north until you reach four-way section
(It should be the first split path)
Step 2: Travel west from the path towards the two giant blue crystals.
Don't stop until you're on the same area they are in.
Step 3: Travel north again towards the stairs
Step 4: Head up the stairs to 2F


Step 1: Head north until your path splits into two
Step 2: Head west until you reach a relatively large room with a closed
door and a lot of jailbar walls
Step 3: Take this room's northern path and follow it until you see a lever
Step 4: Pull the lever to open the previous door you saw
Step 5: Backtrack down the path and head through the door
Step 6: Keep doing down the path the door opened until you see the stairs
to your right
Step 7: Head up the stairs to 3F


Step 1: Follow the path and run under the bridge
Step 2: Walk up the stairs to your left and pull the lever
Step 3: Go back down the stairs and head directly south
Step 4: When your path finally splits into two, take the left path (east
on the map) into a small room
Step 5: Walk to the back of the room and up the stairs to trigger another
Step 6: Head back down the path and follow the opposite side (right path/
western path)
Step 7: In the room at the very end, follow the path left into another small
room with a lever
Step 8: Like before, walk up the stairs and trigger the lever
Step 9: With all three doors now open, escape this small room and head north
to the next room
Step 10: Follow the sidepath that takes you across the large bridge and
through all of the open doors, eventually leading you to the
Step 11: Head the stairs up to 4F


If you think you're ready, head north. If you doubt yourself or feel
underprepared, simply teleport back to the entrance and come back when you're



Mole Festival: One little mole... thing... is tossed onto the battlefield.
It'll chase you down for a few seconds and try to explode in
your face.

Molenado: Moleman will shout "COME HEAH" and spin his way towards you. This is
both a blessing and a curse since it is VERY powerful if you get
caught. However, once the attack is done, you get a golden chance to
dish out some damage.

Molepedo: A rarely used attack. Moleman just sorta torpedoes into your
direction. I've only seen it used from afar.

Tunnel Dive: Moleman dives into the dirt and chases after you. Keep
running away. Better yet, lead him into one of the stone slabs
you see on the battlefield. He'll ram into it and come out dazed.

Claw Slash: A rarely used attack. A few slashes from Moleman's claws are sent
flying out. It's quick, brief, and doesn't give you a chance to
counter. Try to avoid it if you can.

Moleman is more of a nuisance than a boss. He has a bunch of different attacks
designed to close the gap between you two. However, one of them gives you a
guaranteed chance to counter if you evade, while the other gives you another
chance if you lead him into stone. Just keep your distance and attack him
when he's dazed.

+Rage Mode Changes+

Mole Festival will have three tiny moles out
Molenado will be used three times in rapid succession, although the
opportunity to dish out damage at the end of the final one is still present
Tunnel Dive will last slightly longer and have Moleman use Molepedo randomly
Tunnel Dive will end with a big slam on the ground, but it's easily evaded


Representing Dragon/Element: Fiersome/Fire

Monsters: 1F - High Orc
Shadow Panther
Fire Hornet

2F - High Orc
Little Mage
Hercules Beetle

3F - Little Mage
Hercules Beetle
Flame Panther
Fire Troll
Fire Elemental

4F - Flame Panther
Fire Troll
summer Flower

5F - Boss

Boss: Crabotron



Step 1: Head all the way north until you come across a four-way intersection
Step 2: Take the left path and press forward
Step 3: Take the next left you can and head straight south towards the lever
Step 4: Trigger the lever and bring down a platform
Step 5: Travel all the way north from the lever you just pulled towards a new
lever that you should pull now
Step 6: Head back to the four-way intersection, but now go to the opposite
Step 7: Take the first right and head all the way down to another lever
Step 8: Pull that lever and wait for the final bridge to come down
Step 9: Head all the way north from that lever to the stairs
Step 10: Head up the stairs to 2F


Step 1: Follow the path ahead until it splits into two
Step 2: Take the right path and make an immediate left turn as soon you can
Step 3: Follow the path all the way north
Step 4: Follow the short path to your right until you can move north again on
a longer road
Step 5: Follow that path all the way north again
Step 6: When you have to turn, take the left/west path and STAY ON THAT PATH
Step 7: If you follow the path correctly, you should end at another split. Take
the right path
Step 8: When you're confronted by another split, take the right again and
follow it under and arch with a shining crystal on it
Step 9: Open the door at the end of the path to reveal the stairs
Step 10: Head up the stairs to 3F


Step 1: Head all the way north until you're just about to enter the last
chamber (the path to your right should be cut off here)
Step 2: Take the path to the left until it splits into two
Step 3: Head deep into the chamber to your right to find a lever hiding
behind a portal. Pull it.
Step 4: Backtrack until you're back on the first path you took and head into
the chamber that you stopped at before
Step 5: Pull the lever here and run south
Step 6: When you spot the bridge to your left (headed east on your map), cross
Step 7: Head all the way south to another chamber with a lever. You know the
Step 8: Step out of this chamber and follow the small path east towards
another split. Go into the southern chamber.
Step 9: Search and trigger this new lever to finish one of the two bridges
Step 10: Backtrack west down this path and work your way north until you see
the bridge to your right
Step 11: Cross the bridge until it leads you to yet another split path
Step 12: Head into the southern chamber and pull that final lever to complete
the final bridge
Step 13: Head all the way back to the starting point and spot the bridge (it's
just after the first chamber you start the floor in)
Step 14: Cross over the bridge
Step 15: Head north/right towards the stairs
Step 16: Head up the stairs to 4F


Step 1: Head north and follow the path all the way to the left
Step 2: Head north again and trigger the lever
Step 3: Backtrack down the path a little and cross over into the new territory
Step 4: Head all the way north and trigger the two levers you see behind a
jailbar fence
Step 5: Head to the path on the left and cross the bridge
Step 6: Follow the path north briefly and dive to the right (the lever you see
north of you is not vital to the main bridge, but it does open a path
to a Silver Ring)
Step 7: Follow the path all the way to a set of stairs with a lever at the top
Step 8: Crank dat lever
Step 9: Backtrack all the way back to those two levers you pulled at the same
Step 10: Go right a little and cross the bridge the other lever triggered
Step 11: Walk up the stairs and pull the next lever
Step 12: Go back down to the main path with the two levers again
Step 13: Follow the path all the way to the right and pull the lever at the
Step 14: Walk back a bit and then dive south into a new route
Step 15: Follow this new route all the way to TWO MORE LEVERS
Step 16: Trigger both of these levers and swing back around the route
Step 17: Head directly north into a new path with a lever just ahead of you
Step 18: Flip this new switch to lower that bridge you passed by twice already
Step 19: Head directly back a little and west into another lever and pull it
Step 20: Head back down and west again into the final lever. Pull this.
Step 21: Backtrack and cross the long bridge you lowered while heading towards
the stairs all the way to the north
Step 22: Head up the stairs to 5F


If you think you're ready, head north. If you doubt yourself or feel
underprepared, simply teleport back to the entrance and come back when you're



Snip Snip: Crabotron simple slashes its claws at you. Quick and deadly if
you're low-leveled (16 or less)

Bubble Blast: Crabotron pauses for a brief moment before spewing out a mass of
bubbles in your direction. You can take advantage of this attack
since it will more than likely miss. It leaves Crabotron open to
your attacks, if only for a moment.

Bomb Jump: Crabotron explodes into the air and smashes back down. Easily

Escapeless Bullets: While a battle cry of "You cannot escape", Crabotron
launches a few bullets your way. This attack was the most
annoying for me, as it is tough to dodge at close range
and details rapid, heavy damage. Watch. Out.

Rocket Launchers: Two rockets blast into the sky and swirl down towards you.
Tough to dodge, but it's able to be done. Simply wait a bit
before double-jumping. You should jump over the rockets. At
this point, try to avoid the recoil from the rockets
exploding in either the ground or air. Just practice a bit
and stay safe.

Crab Mines: Out of some holes in its legs, Crabotron sprays some land mines
out of one side of it. Easily dodged once they're on the ground,
but you're in for a world of pain if they're aerial while you're
on the side they're coming out of.

Crab Mine V2: Same type of attack, except the mines are placed in front of it.
Pretty much just a chance for you to catch your breath.

Bullet Spray: Crabotron spreads its claws to the side and launches two streams
of bullets while closing in the gap between the streams. Not too
hard to dodge. Simply time your double jump correctly. If you
don't... Ouch.

Delta Cannon: In the blink of an eye, a large pulse of air is hurled towards
your location. It deals heavy damage, but you'll most likely
dodge it if you're running. The only reason I was ever hit by
it is because I was healing.

Crabotron was the most annoying thing in the game to me. Still is. Crabotron
keeps itself away from you with projectiles-a-plenty while still boasting a
decent melee game. In addition, all of these attacks hurt and can typically
be dodged only with near-perfect timing, prediction, and luck. However, there
is an easy weak point.

Crabotron LOVES your animal partners. At level 14, I beat it with three of the
Fire Trolls tanking damage for me. Sure, it still locks on to you every now
and then, but once it's focused on your animal partners, then you pretty much
have free reign over its backside. Dish out damage as hard as you can. Watch
out a bit, though, since the Snip Snip attack has a pretty annoying reach at
the sides of it.


Snip Snip is faster and done twice
Bubble Blast lasts almost twice as long
Rocket Launchers is done three times in a row, making dodging more of a chore
Crab Mines come out on both sides
Bullet Spray is faster and more powerful
Delta Cannon now has virtually no signal ahead of time
A combination attack of Bullet Spray, Delta Cannon, and Rocket Launchers is
now used


Representing Dragon/Element: Aquaticus/Water

How to Unlock:

Monsters: 1F - Duck
Orc Hunter
Silver Wolf

2F - Orc Hunter
Silver Wolf
Water Elemental
Fall Flower

3F - Fall Flower

4F - Hobgoblin
Little Wizard
Blood Panther

5F - Hobgoblin
Little Wizard
Blood Panther

6F - Boss

Boss: Oblitergator



Step 1: Follow the path to the right through the series of four rooms and step
on the teleporting pad
Step 2: Head forward and follow the path to the right
Step 3: Enter the first room to your lef and take the teleport pad in it
Step 4: Head straight forward to the teleport pad
Step 5: Head up the stairs to 2F


Step 1: Follow the corridor all the way to the end
Step 2: Flip the switch you find in the room at the end
Step 3: Backtrack and take the teleport pad you now have access to
Step 4: Turn left and follow this corridor all the way down to the end
Step 5: Flip the lever to gain access to the pad
Step 6: Backtrack all the way to the beginning of this corridor and take the
new pad
Step 7: Charge forward to the end of this corridor
Step 8: Take stairs up to 3F


Step 1: Head north towards the gate up ahead
Step 2: Take the right just before you reach the gate
Step 3: Head up the stairs at the side and keep going right
Step 4: Keep going south until you reach a lever
Step 5: Pull the lever
Step 6: Backtrack all the way to the main path
Step 7: Enter the area that the lowered gate gave you access to
Step 8: Take the passage at the upperleft of this room
Step 9: Once you reach this new side, head straight south again until you
hit a lever
Step 10: Pull this second lever
Step 11: Head to the northernmost area of the side of the floor
(You'll know you're there when you see a lever blocked by a gate)
Step 12: Turn right towards the main path
Step 13: Head south of the broken staircase towards a full one
Step 14: Walk up the staircase and pull the lever
Step 15: Backtrack all the way to the main path and enter the new area
Step 16: Jump over the broken staircase to the east into a new area
Step 17: Head north and take a staircase to the west
Step 18: Pull the lever on top of this staircase
Step 19: Head northeast towards a staircase and take it
Step 20: Move north a bit and trigger the lever
Step 21: Head directly west until you reach the lever you just unblocked
Step 22: Pull this lever
Step 23: Head all the way back to the main path again
Step 24: Move up towards the open staircase to the next floor
Step 25: Take stairs up to 4F


Step 1: Head towards the teleport pad and take it
Step 2: Keep going straight and take the teleport pad to your right
Step 3: Go straight again and take the teleport pad to your left
Step 4: Follow this path and take the teleport pad closest to the gate at the
Step 5: Turn right and take the teleport pad
Step 6: Trigger the lever in this room and step on the teleport pad ahead of you
Step 7: Head straight towards another teleport pad
Step 8: Turn right and follow the path to the end
Step 9: Take the very last teleport pad
Step 10: Head straight forward to a teleport pad
Step 11: Move up and follow the path to another teleport pad
Step 12: Take stairs up to 5F


Step 1: Ignore this area with chests and press forward
Step 2: Destroy the portals in this second area until the gate goes down
Step 3: Press forward and ignore the chests
Step 4: Destroy the portals until this second gate goes down
Step 5: Proceed to the next area with a raised gate
Step 6: Destroy portals until this gate goes down
Step 7: Head to the right of this next area and go up the stairs
Step 8: Keep going forward until you find a lever
Step 9: Pull the lever and walk down the stairs
Step 10: Head towards the staircase
Step 11: Take stairs up to 6F

(Note: Take caution if you decide to open chests. Two have a chance at
containing treasure, while the third one will trap you in the chest area
and force you to destroy the portals to leave without teleporting)


If you think you're ready, head north. If you doubt yourself or feel
underprepared, simply teleport back to the entrance and come back when you're



Force Punch: A simple projectile punch. Just keep moving.

Leg Spike: Three spikes of light rocket out of the ground and head towards you
Like Force Punch, you can easily dodge it by continually moving

Ground Punch: An area attack near Obliteragator. Likely one of the most
dangerous attacks in his arsenal since it doesn't push you back,
but draws you in. It also has a high chance to stun you and has
a large area of effect. One hit from this and you'll likely be
facing a combo of attacks

Leap Strike: Oblitergator jumps in the air, floats a bit, and then crashes
down towards you with a kick. Keep moving and this attack should
always miss you.

Gatoroar: A cone-shaped attack from the mouth. Since you should NEVER be close
to Oblitergator when he attacks, you should never be hit by this.

The Combo: A mixture of several kicks and punches, followed by a Force Punch,
Leg Spike, and something that looks like a Dempsey roll. Somewhat
easy to counter if you run around to his back and pound on him.

Despite his looks, Oblitergator is the easiest boss in the game. After most of
his attacks, he takes several seconds to simply work out and charge up energy
again. Hammer into him during these periods to bring him down.

However, he finally starts to be a challenge once he starts to rage. Your
window of opportunity is completely destroyed. His workouts end in the blink
of an eye. His attacks are faster, smoother, and more powerful. At this
point, you're only left with a few options to attack him with. You can either
run in and attack briefly when he works out, unleash on him when he uses his
combo, or charge in and dodge every few seconds just in case. Your safest bet
is to use the second method. Then again, nothing is stopping you from doing
all three.

Keep at it until he finally bites the croc.

His workouts are much quicker
Leg Knife splits into three paths
Gatoroar starts to be used
The Combo starts to be used
Leap Strike now initiates a shockwave similar to Ground Punch upon landing


Representing Dragon/Element: Ventuswill/Wind

How to Unlock:

Monsters: 1F - Claw Dragon
Dark Slime
Minotauros King
Unicorn King

2F - Goblin Captain
Hunter Wolf
Minotauros King

3F - Goblin Captain
Master Demon
Wind Elemental

4F - Arch Demon
Hunter Wolf
Master Demon
Wind Elemental

5F - Aerian
Wind Elemental
Little Emperor

6F - Aerian
Arch Demon
Gold Dragon
Little Emperor
Wind Elemental

7F - Boss

Boss: Asmodeus



Step 1: Watch the small scene to get a hint of what to do
Step 2: Head north and take the first path on your right
(It'll be a bit of a walk)
Step 3: Take another right and head south
Step 4: Follow this path south until you reach the altar
Step 5: Destroy the portal on top of the altar
Step 6: Backtrack a bit north towards another altar
Step 7: Destroy the portal at this altar
Step 8: Backtrack a bit more to the main path that leads you to the staircase
and take the left closest to the raised gates
Step 9: Head to the nearby altar and destroy the portal
Step 10: Head south and follow the path towards the final altar (As long as
you head directly for the altar, you shouldn't stray)
Step 11: Destroy the portal on this altar
Step 12: Head back towards the main path and make your way to the staircase
Step 13: Head up the stairs to 2F


Step 1: Move up and follow the path to your left
Step 2: Follow the path and take the second path to the left, leading you to a
Step 3: Walk up to the lever and pull it
Step 4: Head north and walk up the stairs
Step 5: Turn to your right and take the next path to your right, making a
Step 6: Keep heading south
Step 7: Take the only available path here that leads to the east
Step 8: Pull the lever in this room
Step 9: Run all the way to the far west side of this floor and across the new
Step 10: Pull this next lever
Step 11: Backtrack all the way to the stairs you used to get up here and turn
right towards the stairs
Step 12: Walk up the stairs to 3F


Step 1: Head north through the cannon traps
Step 2: Head west a bit, then move south
Step 3: Head west a little more and then north to more traps
Step 4: Head west again and then down south
Step 5: Move to the east a bit and then dive south through more traps
Step 6: Head east until you reach a fork; go south/take a right
Step 7: Take another right into a layer of traps
Step 8: Take one more right and dive through this final layer
Step 9: Walk up the stairs to 4F


Step 1: Head north
Step 2: Head to your right and destroy the portals until the gate falls
Step 3: Keep moving south and destroying portals to lower gates until you
reach a room much larger than the others
Step 4: Head to the north of the room and pull the lever
Step 5: You can either head west and continue destroying portals and lowering
gates to make a full circle, or you can teleport out of the floor and
step on the pedestal for it to return to the beginning. I recommend the
latter to save you time and pain. Just get back to the beginning in
any way you can.
Step 6: Cross this new bridge towards the stairs
Step 7: Head up the stairs to 5F


Step 1: Head to your left and follow the path
Step 2: Take the first right you're able to and take another right down a
flight of stairs
Step 3: Pull the lever near the bottom of the stairs
Step 4: Head north and pull the other lever
Step 5: Backtrack to where you first entered the floor and head down the
opposite path
Step 6: Take a left and go down the flight of stairs to your right
Step 7: Pull the lever near the bottom of the stairs
Step 8: Head north and pull the other lever
Step 9: Go back up the stairs and head north
Step 10: Head down the stairs to your left and pull the lever near the bottom
of the stairs
Step 11: Head south and pull the second lever
Step 12: Go back north towards the stairs, but pull the lever on your right
that you pass by
Step 13: Head to the middle passage and make your way north
Step 14: Head left when you can and follow the path
Step 15: Go down the stairs to your right
Step 16: Pull the lever near the bottom of the stairs
Step 17: Head south and pull the second lever
Step 18: On your way back north towards the stairs, don't forget to pull the
third lever to your right
Step 19: Backtrack all the way to the entrance of the floor and then head
towards the bridge on the west side
Step 20: Head north and cross the bridge towards the stairs
Step 21: Take stairs up to 6F

(Note: If you have problems taking down the portals on the bridge areas with
traps, you can use the portals as shields)


Step 1: Follow the left path
Step 2: Take the first right turn you can
Step 3: Pull the lever
Step 4: Get back on the path and keep heading north
Step 5: Take the 2nd right turn
Step 6: Pull the lever
Step 7: Get back on the main path
Step 8: Head right and across the bridge before you get to the last area
Step 9: Head south a bit and then turn right
Step 10: Pull the lever
Step 11: Get back on the main path and head south even more
Step 12: Take the 2nd right again
Step 13: Pull the lever
Step 14: Follow the main path back to the beginning
Step 15: Battle your way up the middle bridge and towards the stairs
Step 16: Head up the stairs to 7F


If you think you're ready, head north. If you doubt yourself or feel
underprepared, simply teleport back to the entrance and come back when you're



Delayed Claw: Asmodeus claws in your direction and seemingly misses. However,
the claw marks will remain in the air for a brief moment before
suddenly rocketing out towards your location. Easily avoided.

Blade Wing Rush: Asmodeus tucks his bladed wings in and spins towards you.
The damage is negligible, but it easily sets you up to
receive many more attacks that you could've easily avoided.

Bouncing Blade: A series of compressed air slices its way towards you. They
bounce, move slowly, and spread out. The best way to avoid
this is to run back and find choose a gap between the blades
to run through. Or you can just run back and wait until they

Destructive Ground: Asmodeus jumps high into the air and launches a series of
blades at your location. If you're not mobile, you're
going to pay for your mistake. After all of the blades hit
the ground, a small explosion of light finishes the attack.
If you are NOT MOVING, you are goign to GET HURT. ...Why
would you be stationary in a boss battle, anyways?

Place Tornado: A simple attack that also punishes you for staying still. I
barely notice it myself. Simply put, a small tornado is spawned
where you are standing with a slight delay.

Tornado Cyclone: Asmodeus jumps into the air and looks like he's about to
perform Destructive Ground. However, the camera will pan
towards the center of the stage. Asmodeus will rush towards
it and initiate the attack. Wind will gather around him and
then explode outwards. I do NOT know how to avoid this attack
every single time. Sometimes it hits and sometimes it misses.
I can't quite figure out the rhyme or reason, but I have at
least figured out one thing. The closer you are to the edge
of the stage, the less likely you are to get hurt. Use that
to your advantage.

Asmodeus is the last of the Shrine bosses and has the strength to show it.
While the attacks don't quite hit as hard as you would think, he tends to use
them in tandem with each other. If you let him hit you once when you're
nearby, then you just might be comboed to hell and back.

Unlike most other bosses, Asmodeus does NOT have an obvious point of weakness
in the first stage. I repeat. Asmodeus. Has. No. Weakness. Your best and
safest bet is to have your pets distract him while you dish out the damage.

By the time you bring him down into the red, you'd start thinking that your
life would seen devolve into hell. ...Wrong. Asmodeus is unique. Instead of
getting stronger and healing his point of weakness like other bosses, he gets
MUCH easier to damage. Don't get me wrong. He still gets the speed boost, but
his combos are much shorter and tend to be just two attacks. Max. After he
attacks you, he'll just sit in the air for a bit and laugh. Is this an attack?
No. He just... sits there like a ducks and laughs. If you're using the dual
blades, you can actually rain down on him non-stop by having your ultimate
activate when he attacks. After the invincibility wears off, initiate you can
immediately start another combo since he'll laugh. The exception is when he
flies off and goes somewhere else.

Now, lets go over this again:

1) Keep mocing
2) Go all out during the first stage of the battle
3) Relax and laugh when the battle gets "tougher"