I've been on this site for many years under various names, and only because I keep getting locked out of my other accounts. And over the years, I've accumulated a slew of thoughts, both good and bad, about this site.

First of all, there are a lot of jerks on this site. And a lot of pervs. You guys do realize that there are children that use this site too, right? And little kids don't need grown a** men and women making them feel like they're worthless, and they don't need grown a** people writing sexual crap all over their chat when they're just wanting to have a nice time in Towns. If you wanna do that crap, go somewhere else without little kids at least.

Also, is it just me, or is this site turning into a money-grubbing corporation? We hardly ever get an update to the gold shops anymore, but every 5 minutes there's some new worthless crap in the Cash shop, as well as 2 cash shops that keep you out unless you buy hundreds of dollars worth of the merch from La Victori, or whatever they call that crap.

And the marketplace is utterly worthless. Everything that I wanted like 3 months ago when I couldn't afford them are all now 10x the price they once were, so I still can't afford them. And when I go to sell an item, I always set the price at the same as the lowest price. And then some jerk comes around and sets the price at less than half the price that I and the other person(s) I matched. And then I never sell my item.

So yeah, those are my thoughts...