A boy sat in a pitch black room, the sounds of nervous breathing filled the darkness.
The Boy: (Today's the day.....today we start the first day of Warrior specialization....today I start my journey to be a Knight of Ascalon.)
He reinforced his confidence.
*The room shook*
The first day of training used to be full of tradition, but Ascalonians never saw any reason to continue them, other then the black room, the time to forget how you used to see things and see how they really are when the doors opened. They understood the importance of that.
The engines came back into the boys notice as they became louder, signaling a landing.
The boy: (The room finally settled, I wonder where we are?" wink
The doors opened, a blinding light glowed into the box, showing two dozen young men and women.
/...Please exit the room and line up against the yellow line, and "enjoy" your stay in The Fralindin Plains.../
All the Ascalonians were given watches that began connecting to the world network and giving them rundowns of the day and new info.
{...Good Morning Airx! Today is going to be sunny with a drastic change to rainy in about one hour due to Military training. Id recommend an umbrella, preferably one with a shield...}
Airx didn't bother trying to explain that he'd been stripped of all technology and given a watch with an A.I. built in.
He stood up to go line up outside with everyone else.
Once everyone had been lined up the AI's synced and delivered a message to the group
{You have one hour to: find a group of 4, build shelter. survive the next hour. Those that pass the assignment will have DNA taken for the war archives. You may begin.....now.}
Finding your group didn't mean the first three people you talked to, before the rain hit groups could be found arguing who goes to which group and ultimately the groups weren't formed and people had to carry team taskes by themselves or a partner. This time around no one wanted to be left short and Airx was determined to find a solid team.
Airx tugged the person closest to him, a young looking girl.
Airx: Hey, I'm Airx, what's your name?
Girl: Hello, I'm designated to be the Escalonian Vessel for Ophelia, life relevance: REDACTED
Airx: --no ******** that--
He turned and walked towards someone looking around frantically and grabbed his hand.
Airx: I'm Airx, quick. Name?
Boy: uhm Jack, Nice to mee--
Airx: Sorry but save it for the rain, we gotta find.....
Airx noticed three groups had already been formed and ran to the forest a few miles off.
Airx: It hadn't even been a minute yet....
He looked around and noticed a couple exchanging pleasantries and marched over with Jack and butted in.
Airx: Good Morning ladies, can we please team up and finish the first day with no issues?
One of the ladies raised an eyebrow
Raised Eyebrow: Why do we need to team up with you? We've got today covered no problem.
She shrugged to the invitation.
Airx felt like time had lasted for 5 hours. It had just been 2 minutes.
Airx: +Flatly+ Because all the groups that didn't compose of 4 team members have all died and we don't have the luxury of being revived here.
R.E. looked over to her other
Airx: Look you're more then welcome to split up into pairs again after today, but trust me after today you'll not want to.
They looked at each other and nodded
R.E. Fine, one day cooperation.
Airx thought he was running short on time but realized only 4 minutes had passed.
Airx: oh good, let's get to the forest then, the more time, the better shelter we can make!
He ran off looking up wards to the skies, the clouds were coming in from afar, and the rain was the least of their worries.

Fralindin Forest: 13 Minutes until rainfall.
The group arrived in the forest, the only sign of past life was a dirt path going straight through it.
Airx: Okay, we have to build somewhere safe.
Jack: The dirt road isn't safe?
Airx: Why would it be safe? It's the most obviously safe spot. So there could be a trap. We'll buil-----Let's ask the rest of the group where to build.
He turned towards the the rest
Airx: So....well I'm Airx, and this is Jack. We should get this out of the way first.
R.E.: I'm Yunah and this is Kiora
Kiora: Hi.
Airx noted the lack of conversation to be had later if any.
Airx: Okay so I feel we should build 100 meters over to the west of the path, or so.
Yunah: That works, but why not on the path? No one's gonna be crossing it.
Jack: That's what I was saying!
Airx: No...I feel it's a bit of a trap. So we can build close to it, just not over it. Just to keep it in sight for if it really is or not.
In the background Kiora already started building the shelter, Airx looked over Yunah and noticed it.
Airx: She's at least got the right idea.
Airx motioned the group to Kiora and the 4 got to their corners.
Airx: Just a solid box, nothing fancy but easy to keep up. Ready?
Group: Ready.
The group summoned energy and up rose a blue lit solid light box rise and the light faded to a dim glowing glass box with a space for a door to be, the group walked inside and sat down.
Kiora: So tell me Airx, why do we have to be a team here with you two?
The rest of the group grew curious
Airx: The first test, is a rainfall test. The rain falls, then it falls harder, then energy is added and the teams have to up hold the ceiling, which seems easy except for the random large size chunks of energy that fall down that drain the shelters energy, which since it falls upon us to uphold, is our shield, A single person taking a direct hit won't live through another since it will sap them of all future energy use, granting a soft failure which leads to exile---I have no idea where exiles go, a second is a hard failure, erm. Death. So having a team of 4 ensures that won't happen since have a good amount to share for each hit, someone uses offensive energy to blast back and divert blast while the other three play defense. It sounds simple, 3 lives, one person. A very basic, old game style of survival. Except its our lives on the line here. but this lets us try something easy and simple, even if failure is punished harshly.
/...REPORT 10 Minutes untill rainfall.../
Kiora: How do you know this?
Airx: I'm a part of the Rudant family, Having a military family has perks when you need help preparing for this stuff.
Jack: The Rudant family, They're all top class Warriors, why are you here?
Airx: "Because Rudants don't assume greatness, we rise up to it." So basically I'm not getting the full privileges but I got some info.
Yunah: So you're gonna tell us why we have to stick together after this right?
Airx: I was hoping you would just assume it would be for the best for us to after today, honestly if today doesn't work out im not sure how the rest where go. I was only able to get the info on the first day, Im not sure if we can survive the rest of the training apart.