Was a reply to this before I deleted it and refused to risk speaking to these people.

If you live in the mind of knowing you're not above the mentality of the shooter, you'll find a way to understand. I could explain how that murderous mentality works, being that I live it everyday, but I find it difficult to explain something that will still go over these peeps' heads... again.

So, I'll ask you if you helped cause both the shooting and suicide.

You see, peeps like Lanza were internet dwellers. As well, they seemed to be the lurkers that were a little too emotionally unhealthy to see anything within their capabilities as being useful, nor would they risk speaking. You see, Lanza lived with his mother. Being the emotionally unstable villain of the masses that my homicidal mess of a brain matter is, it gets quite infuriating to constantly see peeps use the oh-so-loving terminology of "your opinion doesn't matter, because you live with your mother" and "basement dweller", constantly being reminded that everyone in the country wants to put me in a hole for not being America's tax b*tch.

Of course, maybe the peeps would refrain from using such reminders of loneliness and worthlessness that help in the further deteriorating of a mind like Lanza's. Will the majority refrain from it? Nope, because the post-shooting is constantly riddled with instigation in the form of "joke" threads such as, "Could you basement dwellers plz stop shooting ppl and just off yourselves?" No amount of 'therapy' can fix peeps who think the so-called "narcissism" of Lanza was the only thing that helped cause this; this forum, this entire society told him to off himself long before he ever posted a single word or killed teh chi'dren; lel. Couple that in with no one willing to be friends with you, and you got 24/7 staring at a monitor.

As far as my massive amount of "journal" entries go, I can very, very much say in confidence that the baseless assumptions of that thread has not a single person even remotely capable of handling or understanding "a Lanza" quite like I can. Maybe I'll off myself later for funziez; lel. What "therapy" is there to mend a non-understanding personality disorder when my mindset used to purely be exactly like Rodger's? Do you know how to prevent it? Nope, especially if you keep disregarding everything I keep painfully trying to tell you f*cking morons. (especially you brain-dead religious f*cks and "survival of the fittest" atheist scumbags)

I'll just go dance around aimlessly. Pretend I wasn't here.