do you feel pretty ?

If you would have told Violet a year ago she would be relaxing in her familys duck pound she would have laughed hard enough to lose her breath but as her mama's ( Lily) birthday came up all the were wanted was for her daughter to wear a dress to her party . and like a good daughter Vio had one made for her white and silky .

the night was hot humid and the great hall of her home became like a oven to many people moving and swaying to the music , surly no one would notice the girl gone , and sure enough slipping out was one of the easiest things she could do grabbing a glass of wine to tide her over until she could find a cool quit place that just so happened to be a duck pound .

slipping off the lower portion of the dress and her heals Violet let out a soft moan of joy settling down trying to hide as best as she could . "what are you doing ?" asked a soft voice full of humor ...