Now that I have been back on Gaia a couple of months, I will share my thoughts of how it has changed from a few years ago.

First of all, the ads are a problem. When I stopped playing before, it was because the ads had gotten worse. It used to be that you didn't even see ads if you bought their monthly item. Then that changed. Now I am seeing ads constantly on every page, plus all of the announcements are really ads in disguise. And so many of them! Announcements used to be something to look forward to, because it meant that there was something new going on on Gaia. And so many ads under the guise of announcements. Dozens every day. There is such an emphasis on spending real money.

Secondly, people are getting very nasty. It is hard to walk into the Rally area without hearing obscenities of a very sexual nature. Obviously, it has become a lurking ground for predators. I can't say that Gaia is safe for children any longer.

I have more complaints, but that is enough for now in this entry. Please feel free to leave your comments.