Bright, vibrant bursts of green. The bushy trees are swaying in the gentle breeze, or the flowing wind. The flowers split open and their colors are little splotches on the landscapes from a bird's eye view. The quiet, dark days when the rain is tapping on the roof, and I'm alone in my room, daydreaming. Or, the not so quiet, dark days when the wind is rushing all around, the trees are bending, and rain is pouring from the gray that spreads over the town, seemingly to no end.
The end of the day, when everything is still, and the harsh heat, a foreshadowing of even more merciless temperatures to expect in August, has calmed down... the shade has spread over the landscapes, and everyone's home now. The clouds in the distance are laced with twilight, the roads are cool and quieter.
It's June. My heart is still broken, but I still manage to look up, from where I rested my head- my folded arms, on my desk- and smile out the window, silently. From the harsh daytime heat, to the rarity of a good storm, to the cool, serene afternoons... life is changing. Maybe more than I know. But, I'll be leaving home soon. Maybe I'll come back, maybe I won't. But, after that night, I'm going to wake up to a shining sun, and the song of birds. I'm going to have a secret meeting with no one but myself, out by the train tracks... I'm gonna turn around, and wave at the sight of the town that I always hated, but might love, somewhere inside. I'm gonna turn my back, and disappear to someplace. Anyplace.