Guys... I have a confession... I've always thought the heart prompting tunes of Jazz were resplendent. It takes me away, allowing me to become an expatriate of the emotional draining infelicities of society and inculcating a holistically mind-altering comfort of beauty and exuberance. Let me say, all forms of jazz are equally engrossing; I've figured I'll list some of my favorites because it's that time of month of again. Yes, jazz festival heart

Some songs for you 4laugh

Club des Belugas- It don't mean a thing

Louis Prima - Shadrack (Fonograff rework)

The Puppini Sisters - Moi Je Joue

The Puppini Sisters- Bei Mir Bist Du Schon

Girlie3 - Crazy In Love (The Puppini Sisters) - IMVU DANCE

Steve Tyrell- Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

Steve Tyrell - I've Got A Crush On You