I've got so many items from dumpster dive emotion_kirakira

Thank you to Admin, Old Pete and of course, Donators! emotion_bigheart

kottan bell 5th gen ( this is the first thing I got from a dumbster donator ) <- I'm so happy that time when I was so newbie and until now I still keep this item and the message of the donator saying your welcome lol
Astra-45: Glass Rose Wings ( the dumbester was error, only show html blabla but suddenly this item showed at my inventory lol xD thanks to donator and sorry I can't say thank you :'( )
I am Sparkly
SDPlus #375 Callista x2
SDPlus #232 Noire
SDPlus #052 Rancher Bill
SDPlus #142 Adelise
SDPlus #137 Mai
SDPlus #145 Roman
SDPlus #374 Ryder
Qilin Of Prosperity
Outlaw Wolf Pup
Pristine Cuffs
Mister Moneybags
Lesade's Sin
Fanged Regalia
[Animal] Brown Biter
Audio Heart
Azrael's Shadowgear
Lawful Vigilante x2
Dark Conductor
Maestro Conductor
Flossy Fox
The Dark Ringmaster
Crimson Devil Spikes
Velvetine's Reading
Dyrfinna the All-Wise
Flowing Lucid Dreams
Evening Lotus
Keylime Cutie Pie
Artificial Lovesong
Ever After Curse
Waving Blood Red Cat tail
Michael's memory
Mercury's Moon