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Haruka Kiseki (TEO){Satomi}
~☽The person pulling the strings☾~ PepsiPandaKitty_RP
~☽Call Her/Him☾~ Haruka Kiseki
GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: Japanese
OTHER SCRIPTS: 遥, 春花, 晴香 (Japanese)
Meaning & History
From Japanese 遥 "far off, distant". It can also come from 春 (haru) "spring" or 晴 (haru) "clear up" combined with 花 (ka) "flower" or 香 (ka) "smell, perfume".

Her Alias

GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: Japanese
OTHER SCRIPTS: 里美, 聡美 (Japanese)
Meaning & History
From Japanese 里 (sato) "village" or 聡 (sato) "wise" combined with 美 (mi) "beautiful".

~☽You can also call him/her☾~ Haru -Her alias--> Satomi (Sato-chan)
~☽She/He was born A☾~ Female
~☽She/He came into this world years ago☾~ at the point in time during the sequel rp, sixteen during the original fourteen
~☽She/He came into this world on☾~ june 9th
~☽She/He is ______ Tall☾~ 5'2
~☽She/He is A☾~ Genetically altered human
~☽She writes with His/Her☾~ Left
~☽Her/His role in this world is☾~ Day trader (Stocks)/Chairmen of Seiryu High school/?Student?
~☽She/He sometimes☾~ She taps on the armrest of her wheelchair
~☽He/She wastes her free time doing ☾~ Day trading/reading/drawing
~☽His/Her life until now☾~ Haruka like Ageha, Kokoro Kisa and Minami was born in Japan. In fact she is the youngest sister of Kisa and Minami. A girl who looks innocent frail and sweet. Even from a young age she was always on her computer, her hobbies were always considered weird even her parents thought that. But her two older sisters were always so very kind to her and accepted her hobby as a day trader. Before she was ten she had amassed a large fortune which caused her parents to shun and disown her.

People were always after her for money, that's when she met her. A older woman who didn't want money only to help Haruka. So that woman took care of her public business matters and drove her around. One day they were in a car accident, the woman who helped Haruka was uninjured but Haruka lost the ability to walk that day. Serious injuries to her lower spine sealed the deal. She was now confined to a wheelchair.

After that she barely left her apartment at the top of a tall building she owned. The woman who had always taken care of her still continued to help her, but now with a large role with haruka's new handicap.

When she was around around thirteen or fourteen a war waged within new york between people with terrifying powers. When it was over the man who gave those people those powers released his drug into the water supplies around the world and air.

This caused people to either acquire powers or mutate into monsters.
Haruka gained powers. She became smarter, which helped her grow her fortune. She also gained the ability to move things with her mind. She quickly moved forward with a plan to help those affected by Jeremiah's drug. She created Seiryu. Named after the blue dragon of the east. She made safe houses as well to the north south and west. Named after Suzaku, Genbu and Byakko. The other directional gods of myth.

The duty of her school is to help those affected to cope and learn to control their abilities, the teachers are those who are still alive that were involved with the war. Their other duty is to eliminate those who have lost their humanity or incapacitate and restrain those who've lost their minds.

Haruka using her caretakers as a mediator made deals with the government who aren't equipped to take care of the threats to let her and her school take care of any matter related to the incident two years ago and new threats beyond the power of normal people.

Her school mixes both gifted individuals and ordinary citizens so students can get used to how they should act around people who are normal and so they can close the gap even a little bit so less gifted are misunderstood and discriminated against.
~☽Abilities and talents☾~ Her brain function was increased and she became several hundred times smarter/She's telekinetic she can move things with her mind She's also very very good at singing.
~☽He/She Enjoys☾~ She enjoys cooking/day trading/ reading/tea/ sweets
~☽He/She doesn't care for☾~ Seeing gifted people discriminated against due to their abilities. People being rude to her or underestimating her.
~☽He/She's terrified of☾~ Losing the school she made for the gifted, or finding out her missing sister Minami is dead.
~☽His/Her greatest wish☾~ For the gifted in this world to find a place they truly belong
~☽Would it be a secret if He/she told you☾~ To the students and faculty of Seiryu she's the chairmen owner and founder of the school, to the outside world and politicians/military men she's just a student by the name of "Satomi"
~☽You should also know☾~ She can be kind of nasty and her language doesn't always suit her appearance. But this only happens when she gets mad. Mostly at politicians. She's confined to a wheelchair and a woman acts as her during important meetings, however Haruka is always present during these meetings under the guise of "Satomi" The student council president in charge of all operations that take part outside of the school.
~☽The song in His/her heart☾~ Me against the world (Nightcore)
~☽In the mirror He/she see's☾~
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