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Lanh Kieu
~☽The person pulling the strings☾~ PepsiPandaKitty
~☽Call Her/Him☾~
GENDER: Masculine & Feminine
USAGE: Vietnamese
Meaning & History
Means "happy, good, gentle" in Vietnamese. She was named with the hopes she would grow up to be a kind happy gentle, mature woman.
~☽You can also call him/her☾~ Lanny
~☽She/He was born A☾~ I do believe I'm a female
~☽She/He came into this world years ago☾~ Sixteen
~☽She/He came into this world on☾~ 10/18
~☽She/He is ______ Tall☾~ 5'7
~☽She/He is A☾~ Human who was experimented on, through that her bones became lighter and in some places hollow. She grew wings even. Clean white wings that give her the appearance of an angel.
~☽She writes with His/Her☾~ Both
~☽Her/His role in this world is☾~ She's no longer a student having graduated a few years prior. She's a bibliomaniac having collected a vast amount of books. She's the result of years of research and experimentation.
~☽She/He sometimes☾~ She bites her lip, bites her nail but doesn't chew them off and paces.
~☽He/She wastes her free time doing ☾~ Reading, reading more reading, drawing, reading, cooking, music.
~☽His/Her life until now☾~ Lanh's parents were born in Saigon Vietnam, they moved to the states to escape prosecution at the end of the war. They got jobs and soon Lanh was born. She got picked on during her school years for how interested she was in books. They picked on her more when she absolutely refused to fight back no matter what they did. She graduated when she was twelve far earlier than anyone expected her too. A few months after her graduation however tragedy struck and her life changed. A fire was started in her home while she was at a friends house, sadly her parents were home and they died. The doors and windows were all nailed shut. In the US with no other family Lanh was put into foster care and was molested until she was fourteen. She ran away and a year later she was picked up by police. One of the policeman and his wife adopted her. They treated her well and tried getting her into therapy, however it didn't help. Books helped more than that. So they bought her more and more books. The books became her friends, loving the characters and stories. She began attending college, there one of her professors did experiments on her using drinks he passed out to his students as a delivery system. One night she woke up in the middle of the night with searing pain engulfing her entire body. Her bones hurt so badly, that was the pain of her bones becoming lighter, hollow even. Her back hurt even more as wings with white feathers formed. When it was all done she ran away not wanting her adoptive parents to see what she became. Not wanting them to think she was a freak.
~☽Abilities and talents☾~ She can fly, and manipulate light. Granted if there's no light she wouldn't be able to do anything.
~☽He/She Enjoys☾~ Reading, drawing, reading, music, cooking, cleaning, organization.
~☽He/She doesn't care for☾~ Insects, spiders, reptiles, but she wouldn't hurt them either.
~☽He/She's terrified of☾~ Being taken advantage of again, seeing people getting hurt or killed.
~☽His/Her greatest wish☾~ For all suffering to end!
~☽Would it be a secret if He/she told you☾~ She won't fight back
~☽You should also know☾~ NA
~☽The song in His/her heart☾~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3qdmyfcSTY&feature=kp hurry up and save me
~☽In the mirror He/she see's☾~ User Image

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