will you love me forever ?

Violet heard the words echo through her mind the voice hardened by years of smoking and to much whiskey , but still soft enough to sound scared , the first time Nixy had spoken thoese words were the day in the hospital getting stiches because she had trusted the monster inside of Violet and had gotten bitten for her troubles , not enough to pass on the virus the were carried but enough to show the demi goddess the lupis was not a friend .

that had been a year and a day ago and things had become so much better, Violet found balance , found peace and even the monster had found releaf knowing it did not have to hunt alone because the punk goddess of baker street was with her , the daughter of the moon had come into her powers and had become back up to violets one woman army .

The night had started like always the duo relaxing trying to study in violets case and Nixy trying to pen a new song when the call came , ghouls nothing major a nest had set up in a subway , simple work , simple enough the duo was planning to grab take away dinner after.

the nest cleared with no trouble , but they did not hear the vampires , they did not notice the darkness surrounding them until it was to late and the fight was bad , feral vampires , the ones who had ran to the tunnels of so long ago , running from there masters or there trubles . lost of mind but not of strength . and violet watched unable to stop the strongest from tearing out her lovers heart , could not stop it until she felt the change upon her and than she remembered wakeing hours later the broken demigoddess in her lap .

days later in grease Violet buried her love in there favorite place , the spot that Nixy had once told her if you look right you could see all your tomorrows . walking away from the grave violet fell to her knees crying looking back she whispered " yes I will ... "