I suppose I can find my way out of this rut if I actually try. But that's the thing. With my current mindset, actually trying to do something feels about as natural as just taking a saw and cutting my limbs off. The other night, I had a good night. I'm grateful for that, since there aren't many good memories in the gray area.
It looks like rain. About time... will wear a hoodie at work today, which will conceal my headphones... >u>
I hope today will be a good day. I hope I can find my passion for this story again, soon. I hope the changes to my lie that will take place in two weeks won't ruin my life. I hope I can stumble across some happy times, so I won't waste my one life feeling like this. Maybe I should stop waiting... it seems that it's in my own hands. Maybe i should stop oversleeping like a dog on the floor, and do something about it. But, it's just so har,d and when my efforts turn into failures, I just want to go to sleep and never get out of bed again...
A failure to move... it results in your death. And, maybe it's not my weekend... but half the year is gone. I have had some good times. But, this depression may be all I remember of 2014.
Hehe... it's not even the weekend, I just felt like quoting that song, since it's by one of my favorite bands... >u>
It's so dark outside, now. It's so dark, the trees are bending in the wind... I want today to be a good day. I want to have a good day.
And now, the rain has started falling. I prefer the rain...