People expect to get so much from people. We all know our own faults, but we wish to believe that there'll will be someone out there that will accept us. But would you accept them? Why are your expectations so high? Everyone does this. They set some kind of standards, whether it be for a relationship or friendship or anything else you can think of. People set high standards. But why? You know no one is going to meet your ridiculous standards, but you refuse to lower them because despite your crappy personality, you feel like you deserve your definition of the best. How is that fair? Does it make sense? Why do we do this? You're probably thinking, "Well Kat, you're saying that everyone does this, so you do it too, right?" Hmm, well I'm pretty sure I do. I can't help it, its human nature apparently. But I wouldn't expect someone to be able to meet standards that I can't even own up to. If I'm gonna date someone, I expect them to show me kindness, love and respect. And I expect myself to do the same for them. If I'm gonna have friends, I expect them to care about my well being and help me with small things if they care enough and if they can. And that being said, I will do the same for them, maybe even more. My point is that we expect people to be what we can't be. And that's hypocrisy in my eyes. And if you're going to be unfair about what you want and what you're willing to give, then don't bother.