Usually when you decide to be with someone, its because you legitimately care about them and you want to see them happy. Usually. But not always. I've come to learn that isn't usually the case anymore. Like, in the 60s, people wanted to be with each other and seemed pretty dedicated and when they didn't wanna be with someone, they wouldn't. At least, that's how it looks from my perspective. But I never see that anymore. People are just messing with others' emotions. No one is ever sincere about having a relationship. And when they are, they go about it the wrong way. What happened to just loving each other for the joy of it? What happened to just genuinely caring about someone and wanting to give them love and passion because you want to just have the reassurance in your mind that they're happy? No one seems to care about the other person. They just want to receive all the attention and feel like they're the important one. That's not a relationship. That's not love.