Strangely enough I've noticed that there are actually a few views to my journals here. Odd considering I don't have anything interesting to say haha! Makes me curious, but since it's only in the 10's I'm not gonna get all excited about being famous. Sure ranting and just talking to the computer is nice, but it's another thing entirely if people are happening to read my rants. Are they interesting? How the heck did they even find it? Those are a few questions that popped into my head this morning when I noticed them.

To anyone that happens to come upon my journal, "Hey there!" Thanks for taking the time to notice my things then read a sentence or two and leave XD. Anyone and everyone is welcome to these rants, they are on the internet after all. If I cared who read them I would put them on paper and hide them in my mattress. I have nothing to hide, and frankly if these little journals mattered then I'd get a lot more than 13 views you know?

Reminds me of Fanfiction and Ao3 (Archive of Our Own) in a way haha. I love posting my works on that site and seeing if anyone has read it. Do I know these people? Nope. Do their views matter? Kinda haha! I enjoy knowing that someone took the time to look over my stuff. Whether or not they liked it is another story, but I like getting on and seeing the occasional comment or kudos and knowing my old writings don't completely suck.

Although I usually tend to disagree with their praise XD. I wrote that stuff when I was around 12 years old. You ever read a 12 year olds writings? They're bad. Just saying. At 19 not my vocabulary not only has increased since then but my understanding of plot and character development is much stronger. I read some of my old stuff, see how many views it has, and just get baffled! How am I getting thousands of views a month on crap?! I'm rewriting everything anyway, but the old copies that are still up continue to get viewed over and over again. I sure as heck know that they aren't worth reading, let alone REreading. Well to each his own, but man ever wonder what's going through their head as they read it??