Man can you believe the hustle and bustle of finals week is already here? As a Freshman in college I didn't know what to expect out of college finals, but I've come to a conclusion. They're easy! Now I'm not saying all finals are a breeze, I have one I'm worried over, but if you do all your work and make it to finals week with an A or a B even failing the final won't do much.

In my classes I've only had a few finals. One was open book, and another was canceled at the last minute. I'm not the best test taker in the world, but even I have no problem. All of those lazy idiots that expect college to be handed to them like high school are in for a rude awakening. They aren't just going to give you an A like they did in high school, and grades have to be *GASP* actually worked for?! Oh heavens-me-oh-my how shocking!

I swear I can't believe some of the idiots that somehow managed to pass high school and make it into higher education. First of all constantly asking for class to be canceled and 'Is this test going to be hard?' questions are making my temper boil. It's a test! It'll be as hard as you make it. If you have to ask that question then you shouldn't be in college am I right? That either says my college accepts everyone under the sun with a single digit IQ or the system is rigged haha!