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sora wonk
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moral dilemma, turtles
1. Moral dilemma of the accidental pervert
These just happened okay I wasn't looking for them. It's kind of worrying how many of these stories I have...

Lying on the floor (don't ask), I saw a friend had a huge rip up the inside leg of his pants and I could totally see his boxers.

I had a friend who constantly flashed everyone because she always wore dresses (like fancy party dresses too, that girl) and she had a habit of indiscriminately breaking into acrobatics.

I saw a girl walking down the street wearing loose short, shorts that kind of look like skirts and her butt was literally hanging out the leg of one of her shorts.

One of my friends' skirt rode up while she was in the supermarket. Yup. Just butt.

One guy I was talking to had his fly down.

The thing is, I feel morally obligated to say something so they will save themselves from embarrassment, but it's too awkward. They'd be like, why were you looking at my butt/ crotch. So I never say anything.

I am morally conflicted. What would Jesus do? dramallama

2. Turtles
When you do move-in or move-out, "turtles" are no longer slow as f*ck little reptiles.

They are a set of three 6 x 3 x 4 moving carts stacked in a pile taller than you are. Last year, we were assigned two each to move up and down the bridge on Locust and down a busy street to Hill.

The bridge was horrific. Pushing one up and pulling the other behind you is impossibly slow and difficult because these things are heavy and they can't be steered with one hand and they tip over. But once you reach the top of the bridge, they start rolling uncontrollably to the bottom and f*ck the pedestrians. f*ck the ornamental shrubbery.


Then they get caught on potholes in the middle of the street and tip over and you are desperately trying to right them before the light changes.

Anyway, I am doing move out this year again.

Actually I enjoy it a lot because I like exploring the college houses and doing things that actually have a clear purpose.

3. Bonus round
I'm so bad at math.

The answer is 1 - (10499/10500)^x = .99
so x = 48352

Currently x = 36320 (there are 36320 posts)
so there is a 97% probability of there being a winner

But so far nothing.

I'd take a bet that there'd be a winner by post #

1-(10499/10500)^x = .9999999

169232 (see how a few decimals changes things? wow math is magic)

but I doubt it'd get that long.

What is the most replied-to thread on gaia?

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