you see me and i see you.
we're both eye to eye, not blinded.
the start of the race is all good,
we're committed.. you're in i'm in.
how not to wish for better?
time ticks, and decisions are made.
by you. as i sit in a pile of wonders.
you go and shatter me for someone else.
that's what you pruned yourself to be.
can you not feel?
or are you just reusable as oxygen?
you'll be breathed in, then breathed out so why continue.
you had my heart.. put a couple strings on it and walked away.
was i your puppet?
emotionless one can be
emotionless i will not be,
you may be a grounded as a tree
but once the wind blows
leaves start to fall..
how many blows will it take to finish you?
how many?
i can't have a bad emotion
i can't continue to resurrect this feeling
so what must i do?
we're almost done with this race
but what you don't know
is that when we started
i had a heart to love
and as soon as we finish this race
i had a heart.. but a broken one.