Well, this week has been better. My grandfather who tried to commit suicide will be getting out of a psych ward soon... smile
This makes me happy, buh, everyone needs to keep a close eye on him. I'm a lil perturbed by everything that's happening.
I've also seen my ex recently after school during pole dance. Of course, the only things that concerned me was the look on his face. He seemed to be looking for someone or something. I just hope he is safe and is living his life happily. Maybe one day we can all start over as friends. I'm not saying this because of any intent or interest romantically, I'm saying this because I don't think anyone can hold onto a fleeting feeling of anger and resentment. I'm saying this because even though we may not be right for each other, at least we can be friends and better each other. I don't think kindness is weakness, I think it's acquiring the strength to push forward than becoming imprisoned by the past. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.