All these bags and boxes
Pack up all the tears
I still got my disease
Love can't live here
It's hard to keep it together
All she gave me
Lover your amnesiac lover dearly
Can't sell a lie today
Same honest mistakes I make
I'm dead to her again
Kiss her in the dark
I'm back form the dead

Just tell me when she's leaving
Will I leave another girl there ?
Probably when she's leaving
Even when I'm sleeping
She'll keep me from dreaming

I can hear...
Footsteps in the dark
I see her again with friends
Help me catch my mind
She tells me ghost stories
Oh me , my heart is done sanking
I never wanna sip this tea again
Pieces I love to take apart
When I'm done taking away pieces what I make
The wings I had couldn't get back
Worthless words gets me further in life
Help me buy happiness
Smile at my picket fence
Dress me up your ken today
Barbies on drugs
I'll buy her tears when I'm sober again

Tell me when she leaving
When she leaves maybe I'll care
Probably when she's gone
My suit case will be there
To know I'm still here
Smiling when I know she's not
A nightmare I'm seeing
But I can't else anywhere
I'll stumble back to her
Yellow daisies she'll be waiting there
3 years later now I realize she's gone
All I have left is a text and a song