Hello. My name is Chris. As you can see I'm going to write about the story of my past life in gaia. It's sort of goofy but I hope you'll understand though. (: Back in my past I wasn't like this today, I was sort of different. You could say I was one of those people who thinks they have "Swag". Yes, swag. That word back then meant to me that I was "fresh to death". It was a good time back then. Until this one Gaia user said I wasn't like the other gangster avatars, according to my personality. Then she started saying rude things about them and I didn't really appreciated it. I went off on her talking s**t back at her. But did the same thing too. Over and over again we fought. You maybe know her. Her Gaia username is ( Onemoment ). She was a b***h back then and still one today. Since then that incident happened, I didn't felt like myself flaming all over her comments and stuff. So I apologized to her, she apologized too. In a bitchy way. After 2 days past since our fight, I couldn't sign into my account. So I was trying over and over and over again. So I created a random account and looked up my main account. The account was using back then was named ( II AyooChicken II ) btw. You can tell I was a swag f** back then according to the profile. So when I went on my account profile and noticed I was hacked. My character had a gnome hat with boxers on turned around. That was a sign of me being hacked. I was flipping s**t, cursing, etc. It pissed me off badly. Since that happened, I took a break from Gaia for 3 months and started back up again. My newer account was named ( Xx-NhytemareCookiez-xX ). From the profile I changed my ways. I stopped using that stupid word, "swag". It was a nuisance. My friend showed me dubstep and I liked it. I listen to a few dubstep artists and was fully into it in 3 weeks. You can tell I changed because of my XxNhytemareCookiez-xX account. I was forgetful person at that time so I had to change my password alot. Until I forgot it completely like a god damn retard. So I said it's alright. Then I started this one. BurniinG. From the looks of my avatar I have nothing compared from my past accounts. But i'm still getting there though biggrin So that's my little tale. Back then I had everything. Gold, Gaia cash, etc. until I got hacked. But since I quit swag and went into a rock/hip look, It's all good :]
Thank you for reading and I love you all! heart