I guess that title's good; lel.

Circa 2003-2009:
1. Kill all gays
2. Kill all blacks
3. Women get everything they want and destroy lives
4. Kill all drug users, cigarette smokers and alcohol users
5. Desire to join military
6. Going back and forth between "******** god", "I'm a better Christian than you" and "I'm Jesus".

1. I am gay
2. Black d**k is nice
3. All sexes who don't agree with me are assholes
4. I like coconut rum; I'm fine with everyone else
5. I'm not defending a country that wants me dead
6. I don't care if every Christian/religious ******** dies; there's either no god(s) or one that never gave anyone any orders.

Conditions that have remained the same through both:
1. Pirate anything and everything with little care
2. Live with mother
3. Refusal to work under any circumstance (homelessness included)
4. Violently relentless
5. Self harm
6. Suicidal
7. Fascinated with sniper rifles
8. Likes cats
9. Refuses to drive and hates the insurance/license nonsense
10. Fap furiously

I might include something else.