Practice time

Has any one seen my katana ? violet yelled from the pig pen of a bed room tossing clothing around , dirty jeans mixed with her clean clothing blood stained tops mingled with old t-shirts text books and empty coke cans scattered in her wake." Dam it to the nine hells where is it ? She cursed before hearing the timid knock on her door and stopped seeing Lucy the timid little American . her blue eyes wide " I...I...I know where your sword is ... left it in the umbrella stand said it would make it easyer for you to re....remember where it is ... also did a bob go in here ? " She said craning her neck to look past Violet in the mess of the room .

Violet for her part chuckled rubbing the back of her neck moving to Lucy stopping to kiss her on the top of the head " thanks Lu and no bomb this week .... just ah if your getting it into your head to clean don't my wolf likes it like this ... me I will try to get things ok soon ... " With out any more words Violet grabbed her sword looping the straps over her shoulders before grabbing her bag and running down to the book store knowing her mother would not wait for her in good grace on her mind . running out the door she stumbled into Sam the head sales girl who helped run the book store she co owned with a cup of what smelled like coco in her had pausing to smile at the girl she grabbed the cup and ran off yelling she owed her one .

the park thankfully was not far , and in the span of a few moments violet slowed looking for her mother knowing she would be already waiting . The years had been good to Lily her long brown hair hung lower these days nearly to the middle of her back and her deep blue eyes shone with humor she now leaned on a walking stick her left leg had never recovered fully from the ambush and had only gotten worse with age " your late " the elder Wolfsbane said and with out another word the attack came ...