I....I don't know what to write....ummm HELLO WORLD!!!! Yeah it's been a very lazy past couple of days and no I'm not one of those people that feel bad that they haven't accomplished anything....all week though I do go to my first job tomorrow having mixed emotions about that. So, this morning I woke up to about 3 inches of snow and here I thought it was May! nope. my fellow Coloradians will understand. We are getting real tired of your snow spring...it was no fun having like a week of 80 degree weather then BOOM 3 ft of snow I was hoping I wouldnt have to dust off my car for a few more weeks but nah. OK im done ranting about snow, though it is kinda funny to hear all the confused birds outside everymorning they are like I flew back for this???? WTF flew down south to avoid this s**t!! 4laugh yup so thats my feelings about snow what about you people do you like snow do you find snow annoying in May?? Leave a comment!!

Alright peace out my nuggets! heart