When Margery offered her the look of a caught puppy, Kaylie only grinned at her, not caring that she informed Johan about any issues. Not that she had realized that there was any form of issue. Although when he mentioned that she had been smart bringing his gun, Kaylie stared at him like a guilty child, her face paling. She had not meant for him to now she had taken a weapon, although he seemed to not really mind all that much. Which was a lucky thing for her. And then she heard his allowance for her to start working on explosives again. A huge smile lit up Kaylie’s face, and she leaned across the table, giving him a quick, soft kiss along the lips, excitement flashing in her eyes. "When we're done eating I want to talk to you privately." The way he spoke sounded almost cold, but Kaylie knew what it was he wanted. Lust clouded his gaze each time he looked at her. She hadn’t really paid attention as she had dressed, but pulled on what would seem comfy running. But now her cheeks turned red as she realized exactly how much flesh she was exposing, not only to him, but to everyone. When Johan rose, Kaylie rose with him, a beaming smile on her face, making most of the servants confused. They all assumed he was angry with her. Well they would have plenty of time to learn how he was. Most were quite new.

When they met in the room, his desire even shocked Kaylie, but she gladly accepted his fevered grasp on her body, and melted in his grasp. When they were done, he was laying on top of her, their legs tangled. Her cheeks were flushed red, and a new sheen of sweat covered Kaylie’s skin. Johan kissed her neck, and Kaylie closed her eyes, and groaned softly. His hands and lips slows caressed her body, and Kaylie laid there, trembling beneath his touch. "I'm going to shower now. I have to attend some services today. Margery is watching over the others while I'm away. Just tell Henri I gave you permission to use the barracks. He'll know what to do. Of course we'll need to reorder everything." She groaned, but in disappointment, and when he retreated from the bed, Kaylie sat up. She was pouting at him, clearly not liking that he left the bed, and had things to do today. "You can join me in here first if you like." Without another word Kaylie was on her feet, and bounded into the shower only a step behind him, where they slowly teased one another with simple, soft caresses and passionate kisses. But Kaylie made sure that before they both left the shower they were both spotless. And he left the shower before her, but by the time she had gotten out he was dressed, and kissed her softly in goodbye. “Come back safely.”

Kaylie dressed, and immediately went to find Henri, wanting to get the barracks transformed as soon as possible into a workshop. Henri agreed, and they went to do it together, bringing trash bags with them. When Kaylie wandered in she clamped her jaw shut in aggravation. The barracks were filled with garbage, and useless crap. Almost like the prior Lord had used this place as his own disposal area. She lifted a trash bag out of the box, wondering if they would need any more. And then Kaylie began to haul all the random sh*t into the bag, not particularly caring at what the hell it was. The day flew by, and by the time Henri and her had dragged the final bags from the building to put into the huge pile a few feet beside the door, she was drenched in sweat, and reeked. Henri handed her a gun, and Kaylie stared at him, seeming unsure at it. "Johan ordered me to give you this. Standard 9mm sidearm. I'll be in charge of orders and distributors. You just tell me what you need. I took the liberty of getting the old blueprints from some files. We'll be constructing a new shelter for you, a better one than last time." Kaylie smiled and nodded. “I will get you the list of supplies as soon as I can. And a heads up… This one will be much more extensive.I like that this one will be better, but I would like a different set up… The area here is different, and there is much more spa-” A loud beeping cut her off, and Henri finally yanked out his beeping phone, and answered it. "Lord Legato is back. But he seems to be in a bad mood so we're not to disturb him. So... I don't know about you but I'm hungry."

A bad mood? Hm well she would find out why soon enough. But a shower and food sounded like a fantastic idea. Kaylie turned and went off to her own room to bathe, and wash the grime off of herself. She took nearly twenty minutes before she felt clean enough to leave the shower. Then she dressed, yanking on a fitted pair of white cargo pants that hung low across her hips, and clung against her firm, perky ass, making it even more appealing. These pants were new. Ones she had yet to wear. She pulled on a similar shirt that she wore this morning that rode high, exposing most of her scarred stomach. The tattoo on her side peeked out, exposing some of the roses, and the dusky skull. Since it was heading into summer, the weather was becoming unbearable hot for her, and she was starting to dress in more revealing clothing. So Johan was in a bad mood? Well Henri had said they were to leave him alone, but Kaylie was torn. She wanted food, and wanted to see him. Well maybe she could do both. Kaylie quickly brushed her hair, which was already nearly dry, and left to go to the kitchen to gather a tray of food for them. On it was thick roast beef and cheese sandwiches, a huge bag of chips, a bottle of soda, some condiments, a small wedge of lemon cake, and a bottle of vodka. She carried the tray diligently, and went to his study. Kaylie did not bother knocking, but carefully let herself in, and shut the door behind her. He was crouched over his laptop, his fingers slamming on the keys furiously. “What do you want? I’m busy!” Kaylie just smirked and set the tray down harshly on his desk. “If you would rather I leave and take the food and alcohol with me then fine. I’ll eat everything myself. Now smile and be nice. what is bothering you Johan?” She smiled wryly at him, and allowed him to open up to her.


Months passed by, and soon the end of summer approached and fall started. The barracks were finally converted into her lab, the cupboards stocked with dangerous materials enough to blow up everything within hundreds of miles of the surrounding area. The area was guarded carefully by Henri, and a few other men he had trusted. And Kaylie already had a small armory full of explosives. She had started to make customized ammo for her own gun, and every kind that Johan owned, as well as a large array of explosives that made the ones she had created for his battle to become Lord look like children’s play. But those she kept safely stored, and undocumented, for her own personal store. Kaylie had formed her plan over the long months to take down Dahlia, and slowly stocked anything she had made that would come into use into a special cabinet with a lock on it that she had the keys to, and nobody else. Kaylie had trained all summer, working so she was stronger, faster, and more deadly than ever before. But she was careful to do it when Johan was gone, and nobody was watching what she was doing. Or she would do it in the dead of night, when everyone was asleep. Kaylie was careful that nobody would ever find out what she was up to until it was too late. She had gotten her hands on blueprints to Dahlia’s home, and had every inch of the floor plans memorized.

This past week had been particularly brutal, with temperatures skyrocketing over one hundred degrees. Kaylie had started to feel ill a little over three weeks ago, and had no interest in food. The smell of it nauseated her. And if she tried to eat, everything came right back up anyway. Johan tried to coddle her, worried she was seriously ill, but she brushed him off. She had visibly dropped in weight from lack of eating, and her temper began to flare quickly, so she would rip Johan apart verbally if he tried to bring a doctor near her. She wanted no part of it. It was just the heat bothering her. She became so aggressive that he soon started to avoid her, and so did Margery and the rest of the servants just to avoid her sharp tongue. The past three nights Kaylie slept by herself, thrashing in her sleep, plagued by nightmares that she couldn’t remember when she woke.

A few more days and she was ready. Kaylie stole a vest from the well stocked room Johan had in the barracks. He had given her a vest on request, with her telling him that she had to test multiple things at one, and a vest was easiest. She had gotten her hands on the bulletproof plates that she wanted through some quick, and simple theft from Henri. The man had plenty of things similar to it. He wouldn’t miss plates from a single vest. Kaylie stocked it with mags for her gun, all filled with her own customized ammo. She also had a small drop bag pouch attached to her vest, filled with a variety of different bombs that she had created. A few of the strongest bombs lines the breast of her vest for easy access. Kaylie bound her hair, still that shorter style back into a ponytail, and dressed in the dark digital camouflage cargo pants, and a dark shirt that clung to her body. Every pocket of hers was filled with bombs, razor wire, and a couple of large pocket knives she had nicked from Henri. Earlier she had lashed out at Johan, making him retreat and avoid her for the rest of the day. He would not be looking for her tonight. And Kaylie felt guilty for it. She had not meant to be so harsh towards him.

She had one last thing to do before she left… Kaylie sat down at her laptop and began to type up a letter. One that he wouldn’t find for a day or two hopefully.


You won’t find this until I am gone. And I am sorry. I have been planning this for a long time. I will be back, and I know all and any trust I had with you will be gone. I know that you also might not take me back after this, but I pray that will not happen. I’m going after Dahlia. The b*tch hurt me Johan. Not just with Douran. She helped Renaldo hurt me. She was there, she had helped him. She had admitted everything like a fool, thinking I would die there. She hurt me, and taunted me, and now I’m ready to hurt her worse than she ever could hurt me. I didn’t tell you, and I’m not sorry for that. You were too new a Lord to engage war with another. I kept quiet to keep you safe. Even now I’m hunting her by myself to protect you. This is something that I need to do on my own. I am truly sorry, and wish this could have gone some other way. I wish I am not parting with you on such bad terms, and hopefully I will be back to try and fix the damage I have done here at home. If I don’t come back though, Johan I really do love you, and am glad I got to spend this time with you. You made my life worth living. I love you.


P.S. If this device goes off it means I need help. It will flash blue, and make a high pitched beeping sound. It will go off if I am successful, but seriously injured. It will flash red if I die.

When she finished typing she left a long cylindrical metal object on his desk that she had made. A sensor was in her body, so if she died it would auto trigger the device to blink red. But she could set if off manually from a small button on her vest, to trigger it blue. But she had made it so that the blue could not override the red in any way. So he could not be tricked. And after that she was done, and ready to leave. Kaylie slipped out of a window and vanished into the dark of the night without being detected.

By dawn she had hijacked a car, and arrived at Dahlia’s mansion almost two days later, and abandoned the car a few miles away. By the time she had gotten there it was very late. She approached the property with care not to be seen by any of the guards, not that there were many. The woman was confident that nobody would ever even attempt to break in. And for that she was foolish. Dahlia had been a Lord for many years, and had grown too comfortable. Since nobody had made an attempt on her life yet, she grew to think that none would ever. Fool. Kaylie crept through the grounds, undetected until she had reached inside. There a female kitchen slave saw her and paled. Kaylie smiled viciously and grabbed the girl, quickly covering her mouth, and snapped the girl’s neck with ease. She lifted the body, which was surprisingly heavy and tossed the girl in the nearby pantry. From there Kaylie made her way through the mansion, killing any slaves that saw her by snapping their necks. She didn’t want any noise to wake Dahlia, and alert her to her intrusion.

Kaylie finally made it to Dahlia’s bedroom, and carefully tried to door handle. Locked. She crouched down, and slid the bobby pin into the keyhole, and quickly unlocked the door. When the door swung open, Kaylie moved aside, shielding herself behind the wall, and thankfully. A gunshot rang out, and a bullet embedded itself into the wall behind where she had been standing. Kaylie yanked a small grenade from the vest, and ripped the pin out and tossed it into the room, where it began to hiss and leak a dark purple gas. Kaylie covered her mouth and nose, until the smoke dissipated. And then she took a breath of air gratefully and stepped into the room, where Dahlia laid thrashing in pain, and gasping for air. “Stupid c*nt.” Kaylie approached the woman and roughly lifted her thin form by her hair, causing the woman to screech in pain. Kaylie’s face was a mask of hatred, and her eyes were as cruel as Douran’s had been. She wanted this woman to hurt more than she ever had. Dahlia swiped at Kaylie, slicing her cheek open with her nails, and Kaylie tossed her roughly to the ground with a small laugh. “You didn’t think I would live did you? Or did you think that I wouldn’t remember you lashing me, and mocking me as I was chained to the wall?” Dahlia recovered herself and swept Kaylie’s legs from beneath her, sending the girl crashing to the floor. The two grappled with the other, punching and clawing at the other ruthlessly. But Kaylie didn’t play fairly and bit at the woman, ripping chunks of skin from her. As they wrestled Kaylie got her knife free, and started to slice away at Dahlia, going for her face and throat. The woman slowly struggled less, and Kaylie laughed as she kept slicing at the woman, enjoying slowly killing the b*tch that had hurt her. Kaylie’s laughter was cut short as a searing hot pain sliced through her abdomen, and embedded there. Kaylie’s bloody knife sliced down, slitting the woman’s throat deeply, and sprayed Kaylie with Dahlia’s blood. Kaylie slowly got to her feet, and stared down at a knife hil embedded in her lower left side of her abdomen.

Kaylie struggled to the window, and dropped a bomb into the room, and held the trigger tightly in her hand, not releasing it. Kaylie dropped from the window and landed hard on the ground two stories below. She laid there, the world spinning as she got to her feet, and slowly stumbled across the property, until she reached the edge of the road, where she released the trigger, and the mansion exploded. KAylie fell to the ground with a groan. She struggled to keep her eyes open. Her hand crept towards her vest, and she slowly pressed the button to signal she needed help. She only hoped that Johan had found her note when everything went black, and she called for him.


Kaylie didn’t open her eyes, but she heard the rush of people, and a nurse talking with the doctor. “Lost the baby… Lost a lot of blood...” Baby? What baby? She wasn’t pregnant… Everything spun into the darkness again as her body screamed at her in pain.

She did not wake for nearly a week, and even then Kaylie was disoriented, confused as she laid there. A doctor hovered over her, staring at her with a worried look on his face. “You finally woke. That is good.” Kaylie struggled to sit up, and the doctor slowly helped her. “Careful. Don’t rip your stitches.” Kaylie slowly looked around the large room, the walls white, and not a single window in it. “Where is Lord Johan? Why isn’t he here?” Kaylie asked the doctor quietly, staring at him with a heartbroken gaze. “He is not allowed in here until we speak. Kaylie you lost your child.” She stared at him, a blank look on her face. She didn’t understand. What did he mean? “Kaylie you were two months pregnant. But the knife wound you took killed the baby, and nearly killed you.” He carefully brushed back her hair from her face, and stared at the stunned girl. Realization dawned in her eyes, and Kaylie went pale. She had been pregnant? The room spun wildly, and she fell back, fainting in complete shock, her body limply falling back against the bed. When she woke again she was in a different room with windows, and Johan was there, clutching her hand tightly. Her eyes slowly opened, and her lips parted. “A baby…” Her voice was emotionless, her gaze blank. She was clearly shocked.