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Ash Just post Poems, stories, and such. No drama on here because I always have Drama Llama repellent on me *shakes the can and sprays some to my left*

Tory Djinn
Community Member
Dancing With The Devil
When my turn finally comes up at the line I roll my eyes angry at how long it was taking to just buy a book and a stupid video game. I had barely taken a step forward when a short round man zoomed past me. Looking back at me he gave me a fake smile, “Sorry, but I’m in a hurry.” I took a look at his cart and saw he had at least fifteen items. Gritting my teeth I reach out at him, yanking him by the collar of his yellow Hawaiian shirt I look straight into his eyes, “I know you didn't just jump in front of me, because if you did I would have to beat the life out of you and then dump your body into some ditch.”

His eyes darted around trying to look anywhere but my cold blue ones. Clearing his throat he spoke up in a low voice, “L-listen here young lady if you don’t set me down right this instant I’ll have you reported. For your information I happen to work for some very important people.” My lip twitches in amusement at the little man’s threat; I let go of his shirt so I can cross my arms. “I have some very important facts for you little man; One, I don’t care; Two I've had a sh*t day and honestly I’m very much tempted to take my anger out on you.”

Dropping the book and game I crack my knuckles my face full of pure happiness as I point my thumb behind my back, “I’ll give you ten seconds to run, if you don’t use it I’ll gladly take out my anger on your face right now.” His face turned into something of pure fear as he realized I wasn't kidding. Pushing me out of the way he ran into the women’s

clothing section heading somewhere ‘safe’. The cashier looked over at me and picked up the phone to call the police, I snatched the phone out of her hands a sweet smile on my face, “If they ask for a description just tell them it’s Tory and that I’ll need at least thirty minutes to an hour they’ll understand.” Tossing the phone back to her I pulled my long black hair up into a ponytail to prevent it from getting in my way, “Times up.”

I ran down to where they kept the kids toys, shoving people out of my way earning a lovely chorus of angry shouts. In the corner of my eye I saw the little man. Ignoring him for now I walked over to where they sold the toy bats, picking up a blue one I walked out of the aisle to only bump into some little kid. My first reaction was to threaten but I forced myself to calm down, ‘I can’t hurt a kid.’ Patting him on the head I asked in a forced motherly tone, “Have you seen a short man with brown hair and a bald spot walking around?” He looked nervous but then nodded and pointed towards the men’s changing room, smiling I thanked the kid and walked towards the men’s changing room, there was no need to rush myself it was better for him to believe he was safe.

When I saw the men’s changing room I twirled the bat around and hid it behind my back an innocent look on my face as I walked up to the male employee’s. Pointing over towards the toy aisle I spoke in a forged panicked voice, “There’s a man over there who’s creeping on little kids last I saw he was heading towards the electronics aisle!” Casting each other a glance they ran over to where I’d indicated. Bringing the bat out from behind my back I call out in a sing song voice as I kick open each door, “You can’t hide forever, I know

you’re here so just come out and take your beatings. It won’t hurt much you’ll just end up unable to walk for a few years.”

I was on the verge of getting bored and trying somewhere else when I heard a loud thump come from the last door. I tossed the bat at the door and watched as he charged out, didn't get very far as he tripped on the bat. I walked closer to him and sat down hard on his back earning a pained grunt, “I've had a hell of a day and you haven’t made it any better. “ I crossed my foot so my heel was pressed painfully against his cheek, “First my brother trashed my bike with his car, then I come here and there are no more guns…” I can feel the spark of anger burning within me once again.

Kicking the pudgy man’s face lightly I growl, “And then you gave me attitude when I tried to get assistance so I could pick up a video game. The last straw was when you cut me, as you've already noticed I’m a horrible person with a horrible temper.” I moved so my left foot was planted right in the middle of his back and I leaned forward, my hair falling into my face and dangling in front of his. “I think I might actually kill you.” Digging my heel into his back he screamed out in pain.

“Tory D’jinn stop or I will fire!” Turning my head lazily to the side I see Officer Johnson. Rolling my eyes I lift my foot off him and hop back a few feet, looking down I could see the man panting heavily in attempt to catch his breath, he looked over at me and I could help but stop on the ground releasing a warning growl. Officer Johnson hit the back of my head telling me to go stand by Officer Blake whose head looked like it was soaked in

shoe shine for ten months straight. Rolling my eyes I mock marched over to him, “Nice hair your mommy style it?” Blake slapped on the handcuffs without a problem.

Johnson helped the pudgy man up to his feet and I could see sweat stains around his armpit and neck from when he was running away, “Hey you should be thanking me I may of just gave this man the best workout ever.” Again the back of my head was slapped this time by both Blake and Johnson. “I feel so loved.” They escorted me outside, well carried; I refused to walk after running around the entire store. The ride to my second home wasn't too far when I walked through the doors all the officers sighed rolling their eyes. Johnson shoved me into my own personal cell, “If you keep this up you’re going to end up living here.” I looked around my cell which had a cozy bed some magazines a few handheld games and even a poster of the Undertaker. “I don’t see it.” He pinched the bridge of his nose and tossed me my phone. I caught it with one hand and speed dialed Reaper, “Hey, I’m in jail again mind bailing me out?”

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