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The Shiryoku – Memory 001

“Hello? Is this thing recording? All right, my name is Hayao Kurosaki. I am currently the 3rd seat for Squad 2, and I am trying out the invention of one of my sensei and friend of my family, Mr. Urahara. This thing, a device he refers to as the Shiryoku, is said to be able to captures the users thoughts into a special ribbon, that he can feed back through another device back at his shop to review. I’ve been his guinea pig before when he wants to try out something new, and he has done the same thing with pretty much every member of my family. But he says this newest test will check and see if this Shiryoku works as he hopes.”

Kōgeki & Bōei, the two spirits that belonged to his Shīrudokurō, were sleeping soundly around his room. Kōgeki was a white tiger cub whose fur was quite a bit longer and was extremely soft to the touch. He slept soundly on Hayao’s pillows, purring lowly as Hayao sat cross-legged on his bed. Bōei was a large tortoise, whose shell alone nearly came to Hayao’s waist. He too was currently asleep inside of his shell, in fact, that was where he usually was when Hayao was in his room. From a young age, Hayao had no problem in manifesting his Zanpaku-tō around him, and so he often allowed them to move freely within his room while he was home.

“So… he said to begin, I would have to close my eyes and slow my breathing, saying I would need to start imaging the moment I would like to record. It is suppose to feel like I am dreaming while the memory is being recorded, and once the memory begins, it will not stop until that particular memory ends. If these tests work, he said that we could use it as a tool to show students in the Academy memories of successful missions. So, I suppose I should get this thing started…”

Hayao took a slow breath, closing his eyes as he started to think of a particular memory. He nodded to himself slowly, speaking with his eyes closed. “It was a couple of years ago… and I was fifteen years old…” His eyes fogged over slowly as he sat there, his body swaying slightly for a moment, before falling backwards. A soft meow was heard, a pair of paws clawing to try and get out from under Hayao’s torso.


Hayao flew backwards in the air, flipping and placing his hand on the ground before landing on his feet and sliding along the ground to a stop. He stood up and brought his hand up, just in time to block a blow aimed at his nose by a doppelganger of himself. The doppelganger was much more aggressive than Hayao was, coming at him at full force and not holding anything back. To all who would witness this, it would seem that Hayao was only able to stay on the defensive, but in truth, this was how Hayao came to fight his opponents.

This doppelganger was in fact another one of Urahara’s new toys, the Nijū, and was equally as strong as the person who imprints their spiritual pressure into it. Hayao had faced this doppelganger before, but this time he was much more powerful, and therefore it was taking much more effort to defeat this new foe.

The doppelganger laughed as it attacked again, swinging widely at Hayao, before spinning on its heal and kicking at his chest when he blocked the punch. He got his arms in the way to block the kick, sliding back once more before looking up as the doppelganger came diving down from the sky at him.

Hayao took on a stance as he waited, striking just as his doppelganger connected, sending the false him skidding across the ground and towards a rock facing. He took the advantage, taking a step and vanishing with only a small dust cloud where he was standing just a second before. Hayao appeared above his doppelganger as he came hurdling towards the rock facing. He had his hand pointed down towards the doppelganger, gripping his arm with his free hand, electricity rolling along his arms. A huge wave of lightning rushed down, hitting the ground and destroying a large part of the ground.

Hayao then brought his hand up to his face slowly, touching just above his left eye, “Time to end this… I have someplace I need to be…” he dragged his hand down as the pressure in area became extremely heavy. As quickly as the pressure was felt, Hayao vanished and another explosion sprung from the ground as Hayao stood with his hand impaled in the doppelganger’s chest in the ground. As the dust cleared, Hayao’s mask had already retracted and his free hand held the doppelgangers at the wrist as it tried to grab his throat upon contact.

As he ripped his hand free and let the doppelganger fall, it transformed to dust, Hayao looked around before pulling out his cellphone and looking at it. He then tucked it away and moved towards the ladder that would lead back to the surface.


Hayao gasped as he sat up quickly, wincing as he looked at his arm. Kōgeki was attached to his arm, having bitten ahold of Hayao to try and make him get off of him. Hayao smiled lightly, reaching over and petting the kitten’s head gently. “I’m sorry Kōgeki, I didn’t meant to fall on you like that…” he looked around, and then nodded. “Well, everything went well it seems… I suppose I should take the ribbon to Urahara Sensei and see if he can play it…”

Hayao slowly got up, making his way off to go and see Urahara and let him test the memory ribbon.

Hayao Kurosaki
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Hayao Kurosaki
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