Not wanting to be lazy anymore and following through with it are very different things. There isn’t a switch I can flip and immediately stop with old bad habits. “Duh, Turnilk. Duh.” stare I often have to fight with myself just to not put something off for however long. Its annoying. However, I think I am improving. Every day I pick out a chore that needs to be done around the house and I tell myself to do it before going to bed or before getting on the computer, depending on how big the job is. It hasn’t perfectly worked, of course, but I have been following through and reminding myself I promised not to be lazy anymore whenever the thought of “but I won’t wanna” pops into my head. Thus far, I’ve cleaned the bathroom and kept it clean, cooked and washed dishes for every dinner (mostly because my room mate is still hurt), and taken out the garbage rather than ignore it for days longer than I should. I’ve also almost completed one of my old projects (it would be done already but I forgot about it for a day) and I now have a designated writing day in which I work on writing.

My room mate isn’t doing great as far as his arm goes. He ran out of medicine that helps him with the pain and he can’t follow through with resting like the doctor said because he has to work so we can survive. I really wish he had a desk job that wasn’t so hard on him. It wouldn’t be so bad then.

On another website I told someone about my presence here because they weren’t active on that site and wanted another way to communicate. They suggested facebook or twitter and I honestly dislike both, so I’m not on them. Social websites are fine and dandy for those who like them, but I prefer a little more substance on a site I am on. For example, here on gaia I can play games and socialize at the same time, or I can go and talk to people in the forums, or I can just dress up my avatar. Technically I am socializing without a social network site and it feels slightly more natural this way. I used to love it in mmos I played. I had so much fun with the people while playing the games. I tried out myspace when it was still popular and got bored with it within two weeks. Sure there were games, but no communication between users who were playing at the same time. If I wanted to talk to people I had to go and use their personal message system. I tried another site called tagged as well and it was the same basic formula and I got bored fast. So, yeah, I’m not going to bother with facebook or twitter or any other social site that pops up. Gaia works for me and how I like to socialize so I’ll stick with it until such a time as it goes offline. Keeping that in mind though, the person I was talking to has yet to reply on that other site. They might have an account here, they might not, or they could turn down the suggestion for them to communicate with me here. None of bother me so much as them seeing the difference in my behavior between that site and here however. The other site is more child friendly and this one is more for teens and adults. So I behave differently on each site. The difference is me using what I described as “stronger language”. If the person doesn’t like such language I can avoid using it when in private mail with them, but otherwise I would not change my behavior. It wouldn’t be all that difficult as I do it already depending on what website I’m on, I just like being more me, and gaia is one place I am able to do that, and I am unwilling to change said behavior for one individual. I’m not sure if that should be considered a good or bad thing though. Maybe it depends on the circumstances and the people involved?

Haven’t got a new screen for my computer yet so I’m still dealing with the too big to sit at my desk comfortably and use the computer problem, but at least I can still use it. Also, as I’m writing this I realized I forgot to mention that I set two low power days per week. It is mostly because I know that I won’t stay off the big electronics for very long on those days and I’m hoping that the time I spend off on the two will add up and equal one day. So, yeah, fingers crossed this works to lower the electric bill. (Do I say “fingers crossed” too much?)

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