Basically, if we're alive, we were born whether we wanted to be or not. We're taught from the very beginning that all life is precious (whether you're religious or not, everyone says the same) but from the same mouth comes a message of "work hard and make a contribution to society or you're a parasite that leaches our resources but gives nothing back."

So many people are trying so hard to achieve their dreams right now, and unfortunately many of them never will, and it's not because they're not trying. They're just working and hoping for a chance to shine that just won't come, even if they work until the day they die. No man is an island, and even the great ones needed someone to give them the podium long enough to change someone's mind.

So what happens to those who never get there? What's their purpose in life? How can they make their contribution other than competing for disappearing jobs at McDonalds and grocery stores when everything they've worked for turns to ash? What do you do when you have nothing left but to BE a parasite, even if you don't want to?

And what's more, why do these same people who told us that we were failures shame us for having the gall to throw away a 'gift' we did not choose? Weren't you JUST complaining about your resources being wasted?

If we are evolved enough to choose, we are past the stage where appealing to our natural 'survival' instincts is justification for being kept alive against our will.