He broke up with you right ? After telling you he loved you & called you names like " baby " & " cutie " yeah , I know he lavished you in compliments only to put himself down so you would stroke his fakely low ego , did he tell you that you were beautiful ? I bet he promised you personalized song , or maybe he'd always mention how he was lying in bed wishing you were there , he dragged the first " I love you " out of you , didn't he ? yeah , dont deny it . He would talk to you last thing at night & first thing in the mornings , he constantly mentioned losing sleep over you , every night but we both know he slept like a rock . Did you deleted the pictures after he broke your heart ? All your friends hate him now , don't they ? Remember how happy they were for you ? Some even warned you , just remember , its okay to cry though & referring to him as an " asshole " is perfectly expected because trust me you'll end up talking about him just as often , if not more than before , there will be " one times " & " i remembers " & once you think your over him , watch out , you better keep your eyes closed in the halls because I promise you , the next time you see him he'll be going to the girls at school . A little part of you will want to warn them , but nobody could blame you for hating them , you'll compare every guy to him because aside from the bullsh*t he put you through , breaking your heart , & such . To you he was perfect . He was all you ever wanted or maybe you made that up , maybe the second he started to show interest , you made up this perfect guy in your head & he just happened to be him . Listen you will find the perfect guy for you , just like everyone says you will , & it will be sooner than you think , you might not believe me but you should start because LOVE always finds its way back to people the most important thing though is don't let him know he hurt you , don't let him know that he could have you back in a heartbeat cause then he'll keep you as an option , don't give him the satisfaction . Make him think you're completely happy when he decides to wave at you or talk to you like nothing ever happened , wave back sure , but don't smile . Talk to him maybe but make him think he meant as little as you obviously meant to him .