Now today was horrible. I woke up sick, my stomach was in agony, and I was so exhausted from staying up to finish homework and exhausted from the pain that I was in. I went to my lab at 0900 and finished a half hour early and then proceeded to attempt to make another appointment at the writing center at my school. I haven't had any luck with it. I tried to make an appointment online, but that didn't work and walk-ins were even worse as I expected. So after that disappointment I went back to the dorm to take a nap because I really wasn't feeling all too well. So I set my alarm for an hour before my math class and I proceeded to set a second alarm for a half hour before my class and then I dozed off. Now my alarm this morning didn't go off for some reason, and it puzzled me so I went back and double-checked that I had set an alarm for eight in the morning instead of at eight at night. When I checked the alarm was still set for eight in the morning and still was marked as on. Luckily, I get really anxious about early classes so that instinct woke me up at 0813 and I was able to get to class on time.

But I was not so lucky the second time. I guess I was worse than what I felt because either my alarms didn't go off or I was so knocked out that I slept through my math class and woke up at 1540. I have never missed a math class except for when I am too sick to go to class. So when I saw that I had missed my class, my heart sank a little. Not only do I need to go to lecture to know what is going on, but I also have two more surprise quizzes remaining in class, and my teacher just loves to have them on Wednesdays and Fridays so I am really hoping that I did not miss a quiz. That will make me feel even worse about my failure today. I am so mad at myself about this, probably more than I should be, but I enjoy going to class and I have pretty much never have missed classes in college. I try to go more even when I am really feeling sick because it is my obligation to go to classes and learn from them. Well, I'll probably be tearing myself up about this for a bit until I find out on Monday if there was a quiz, but I'll have to wait until then.

Signing off,
Captain Zetallia