biggrin rofl xd hello i thought i would post something im newish when i started gaia i didnt get into it because it was confusing and i didnt understand anything but now umm three years later i think my best friend explained everything in real life and i love wigs and sparkly stuff smile and animal i like to trade just slow so forgive me XD i have a few guy groom stuff like hats that i dont need id like to trade it if you want to trade so send me a pm if you want i can name them as well. i did this because im bored i dont have alot of friends on here so if you want someone to talk to you can talk to me i love music kpop rap hiphop pop etc so pm me if you want to trade for and wig or animal or cool rainbow sparkle or anything you dont need XD either way i like trading even though im new at it so i am sorry if i mess up XD