He wonders and he dreams.

Has he lost her, he wonders,
Still lost, himself, and without his love.
Broken, floating, staring at the sky above.
It's only in his dreams does he find
Her smile, full of beauty and her eyes so kind
Let the bird sing, let the bird fly
Like his love, let it fall in the deep blue sky

He tells her "I love you"
But he gets no answer
For he is chained to his loneliness
He, the bass player

Now, feeling down, feeling so, so sad
Missing the blonde lover that he once had.
Does she still love him
His chances feel slim
He loves her so much
Missing her words, her smile, her touch

He still dreams of a road trip, one day
A time when he'd meet her and take her away
To anywhere she wishes to go and see
To show it her all and say "This is what you mean to me"

To be with her, he dreams.