Alright! The big prom entry! Here for all to laugh at xD
So last night (May 3rd) was prom night, we had it at this really awesome place.
It was my first prom and also the last one they were holding at that specific location (so my last prom will be at a brand new place, which is an exciting thought)
It was pretty great.
Though my asshat of an ex was at the same dinner table as my date and I (he had fun insinuating I was a whore... until I threatened to break his legs.... x3)
The dance was fun, they had silly pictures with props set up and I did a few of those.
But hm...
let's see... the really interesting things...
Well a few friends just found out I was bisexual recently.
Two(maybe three idk) were catholic...
and well...
my Austrian princess had previously thought the quarter game was gross (I'll explain what it is at the end of this, just in case no one can guess what it is and also if I forgot to explain it in the previous post) but when she saw I had the quarter I'd been messing with since Wednesday(or so) with me, she decided she wanted to at least try it
And, though she didn't like the taste of the quarter (it's get pretty metallic after a while) she decided she did in fact like the game...
And we played it a lot... in front of my catholic friend... and then I did it with my date just to make it worse XD
And then when another friend decided she didn't believe I'd finally kissed my princess (I've had such a huge crush on her since forever) we did it again...
And then when the dance was over I stole her gum... -cough, cough-
It tasted much better than the quarter...
so yay
wish fulfilled, I can die relatively happy <3
And then for the rest of the night I ran around with my friends and my date, and caused mayhem and havoc

The "Quarter" Game
In all honesty, it's not specifically "The Quarter Game" but "The Object Game"
It's a game that's meant for teasing or lovey-dovey cuteness; you use an object of your choice and hold it in your mouth. Most people choose things that can be eaten or swallowed just to avoid health issues. such as gummy bears, gum, candies, chocolates, I've even seen people play it with paper, etc. I personally prefer quarters because they are durable enough for all styles of the game and can be used over and over... The objective is that the other person (whoever that may be) has to retrieve said object from you... preferably using their own mouth.
Now, you can play a couple different ways (the styles of playing are just as large as the styles of kissing. ie. mouth to mouth kissing, I know a few perverts out there who took my explanations wrong the first time D< wink
>You can hold it out so all they have to do is bite onto it and pull (chocolates and foods, even paper, that can melt or react with saliva are popular with this style)
>You can have it just past your lips so that when you kiss you can push it into their mouth (gummy bears, gum, quarters, etc. are popular with this style. Things that are more durable are used with this one)
>Or... well obviously... you can make them chase after it. (Objects that are highly durable are often best for this one, for hopefully obvious reasons)
So for the three basic ways of kissing, these are the three basic ways of playing "The Object Game"

I'm done.
Call me rude things if you really want, I don't care
I got to kiss my Austrian princess.
That's worth a thousand, and more, scornful comments

**2015 EDIT**
Oh man the quarter game.
I'm never going to live that down.