Today I have felt quite unproductive. I got up early and checked out an apartment I'm thinking of moving into at some point, but other than that and doing a little bit of chemistry homework, I haven't really done much today. I feel like I need to do more especially with another midterm this week, but I just want to relax a bit. Last week was so stressful and busy that I just want to take today and enjoy myself. Sure I'll do a little bit of work since a captain can't be too lazy, but I think I may get up early tomorrow and do some of it instead of all today. Maybe I'll even watch a movie today and doodle a little in my sketch book. It feels like forever since I've last had time to.

Today's chemistry work isn't all too bad, but it is kinda getting on my nerves because of simple mistakes. -.-" Those mistakes are mainly my fault though for pressing the wrong key without realizing it and submitting; however, my chemistry homework is no where near as picky as my math homework. Chemistry will take your rounded answers within a certain range, but math is you better have the number exactly to my liking. That means occasionally rounding your answer, leaving it in a fraction, having a certain number of decimal places, and most of the time it does not specify what it wants. But when you get the answer wrong and see that the correct answer was 4.13 instead of 4 it is a little frustrating, especially since it changes with each assignment. Ugh math. I shall get through this term.

Signing off,
Captain Zetallia