I don't know why but it just hasn't been my month.

1. Was fired within this past month
2. Daughter started to be more of a pain this month
3. Food cost went up this month
4. Our Foodstamps money went down
5. My grandmother passed away this month
6. My back has been hurting
7. Lost a few friends this month
8. Found out somethings I never wanted to be right on this month
9. I was stalked an harassed this month
10. I was blamed for sh*t I never did
11. When I see even friends being affectionate and nice, I wanna punch them in the face.

Those are my top 10 reasons thus far while this past month suuuuuuuuuuuucked.

Here are my top 10 8 as to why it was okay or awesome....

1. Made a new friend (sons of lawlessnesss)
2. Got a new job within the past month
3. My friend paid for my phone card which they didn't have to but did (pluman2)
4. Was accepted to rejoin Club: Nile
5. Husband opened his RP thread (Black Water)
6. Was spoiled like sh*t (Secretintheice + Sons of lawlessness)
7. Passed my Permit Test
8. Had my first billion here on gaia (ty to Sons of lawlessness)
9. Made a new RPC/ OC Named Leythy

Sooooooo yeah. I would have to say the bad out weighed the good this month. I don't know why but it is f*cking name an this month of May better be f*cking good damnit! I'm tired of having more sh*tty times than the good times. For f*ck sake.

-walks away with her head between her heads, shaking slightly back and forth-